Individuals that have difficulties with bathing often have bathtubs and showers that meet their personal care needs. This could be walk-in types of showers or bathtubs, a modified shower or a custom design to meet the exact needs of the person using it. There are some considerations to think of before purchasing a shower curtain to ensure that the one chosen is best suited to the person’s needs and measurement requirements. Weighted shower curtains are becoming extremely popular both for the handicapped and ordinary families. Below are some tips for shopping for that ideal shower curtain.

Weighted Shower Curtains

LiBa Anti-Bacterial Shower Curtain Liner

This top-quality curtain liner for the shower by LiBa measures 72×72 and features reinforced rust proof grommets for long term use and “like new” appearance. The clear non-toxic PEVA shower curtain liner is a healthier choice for all. Unlike many other vinyl curtains, this one emits no chemical odor right from the start. The clear hue helps increase the amount of light within the shower stall and makes the space feel more spacious.

This durable PEVA vinyl shower curtain is clorine-free making this a healthier and safer choice for your family. This shower liner choice is also deemed eco-friendly as there are no harmful chemicals making this liner better for the environment. This product should last a long time. Strong rust proof grommets help stop this shower curtain from tearing while allowing smoother sliding.

This shower curtain is convenient as it will fit any standard sized tub/shower easily, and it can be used with both curved and strait shower rods. This product can be used as a liner under another fabric shower curtain, or it works as a standalone curtain as well.

Featuring heavy-duty magnets on the bottom edge, this curtain won’t creep upwards during use as other models often do. The extra heavy weight of the material also helps to keep cold air out and water from the shower/tub inside for a more comfortable bathing/showering experience.

This shower curtain is an excellent choice, and the liner is made to be 100% waterproof, durable, germ-free and clean. The anti-bacterial properties help protect against mildew and/or mold growth, and the curtain is easy-to-keep-clean with minimal wipe/rinse maintenance.

Product Description:
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Eco-Friendly PEVA Material Choice
  • Rust Proof Grommets
  • Guaranteed Safe by Manufacturer
  • No Dangerous Chemical Odors
Utopia Shower Curtain Liner

The 72 by 72 inches mildew resistant shower curtain provides protection against
mildew or mold build up; inhibits bacteria growth
This 100% PEVA shower curtain is odorless and non-toxic, and this product is completely PVC free for increased health safety. The reinforced metal grommets, heavier weighted bottom and 6 gauge thickness of this 72 by 72 inch vinyl shower curtain conveys its sturdy construction and tough durability for longer wear.

A rugged press stitched header surrounding the reinforced metal grommets with extra plastic adds an additional protective layer. This waterproof liner and grommets will look new long after purchase, and this shower curtain is easy-to-clean by simply wiping down with a dampened rag and rinsing. This item is ideal as a stand-alone curtain for the shower, and it can alternately be used as a liner under a fabric top curtain.

An innovative anti-mildew formula and a 100% waterproof design features help to keep this curtain clean and your bathroom floor dry. Effective anti-bacterial technology in this PEVA shower liner provides strong protection from unhealthy mold or mildew build up.

The weighted hem and durable grommets provide added stability that holds down the liner where it belongs and not riding up or entangling your legs.

The lasting durability and hotel-grade quality of this impressive PEVA shower curtain with its effective mildew, mold and germ resistant properties have made this shower liner a top choice among discriminating consumers.

Product Description:
  • Eco-Friendly – PEVA Material
  • Non-Toxic & Odorless
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Protects Against Germs – Anti-Bacterial
  • Resists Mold & Mildew Growth
  • Waterproof – Keeps Bathroom Dry
  • Reinforced Grommets & Weighted Hem Provide Stability & Keeps Liner Secure
  • Easy-to-Clean Hotel Quality

Before selecting a shower curtain, be sure to accurately measure your shower and/or tub to ensure that the one bought will fit. Shower curtains and liners come in different lengths and widths. Always consider the top hem when measuring because some shower curtains will have more fabric on the top that could make a difference.

  • Some have weights like magnets encased near or in the bottom liner hem
  • Others help the liner to stay in place due to heavier curtain fabrics

Shower Curtains for Walk In Shower

There are a number of walk in shower curtains for shoppers to consider. These come in a wide array of colors, material selections, design styles and cut dimensions. It is important to consider the type of walk in shower/tub that is being used, as there are many different varieties these days. Below are two product reviews that might help in understanding what’s on the market.

mDesign Shower Curtain Liner

This nice heavier weight shower curtain is ideal for smaller shower stalls and bathrooms. Made of tear-resistant tough vinyl, this item is a cinch to clean as it can be washed and dried per instructions. The material is naturally waterproof, and this ensures safety from slippery floors as the longer curtain blocks any shower sprays or splashes. Well made to withstand moist and damp places also.

The neutral clear hue will complement any color scheme or bathroom design perfectly. Terrific for hotels, dorms, school showers, gyms, condos, apartments and homes of all descriptions. A convenient weighted hem with encased magnets and heavier vinyl material both combine to ensure that the curtain doesn’t billow inwards like so many do.

In addition, the blunted cut at the sides and lower bottom deters mildew and mold buildups so common in other styles. Moisture, soap and shampoos easily slide right off and won’t pool in the hem for a cleaner and drier liner.

This shower liner features 9 grommets that are sturdily reinforced and can be used by most of the rings or hooks on the market. A reinforced upper top hem helps ensure that this curtain won’t be pulled out of shape or become easily torn. This shower liner is for stall sized smaller showers. To ensure proper fit: Measure your shower first as this curtain is made narrower than most standard shower liners and curtains usually are.

This lovely shower curtain features heavier weight vinyl,higher quality construction work and rustproof grommets of metal.

Product Description:
  • Durable Vinyl that Resists Tears
  • Rustproofed Grommets
  • Nice Smaller Shower Sized
  • Weighted Bottom Hem with Magnets
  • Neutral Shade to Complement Any Decor
  • Prevents Billowing During Shower
  • Special Cut & Designs Repels Moisture, Mold & Mildew
  • Machine Washable with Care or Easy-Wipe Off
  • Top Quality Construction
  • Ensures Drier Bathrooms

Weighted Shower Curtain for Handicap Shower

Wimaha Shower Curtain Liner

Anyone looking for a fantastic and cool shower curtain that can be used in a handicap shower need look no further. This curtain not only looks incredible, it is durable and made to last. While some liners for the shower have an irritating odor or contain toxic chemicals, this one from Wimaha is both beautiful and safe for everyone in the family to use.

This Wimaha eco-friendly EVA shower curtain is made from EVA which is the most environmentally safe material now on the market. This material is waterproof, odorless, chlorine-free and non-toxic. The shower liner is also naturally mold and mildew resistant. EVA is considered by some to be better and higher quality than PEVA.

This finer heavy duty shower liner is crafted of 15 gauge EVA, thickness of 0.25 mm. The measurements are 72 x 78 inches making it a bit longer than the standard styles of shower curtains. The waterproof material is soft, somewhat rubbery and features a phenomenal 3D-like concave-convex feel and sheen.

The liner is anti-bacterial and resists germs, mildew and mold without any harmful chlorine. There are 12 metal grommets that are absolutely rustproof, 3 heavy-weight magnets that are enclosed at the bottom hem in order to ensure that the liner stays in place while the user is showering. As an added bonus, the 12 hooks for hanging are included in the package.

Wipe clean with dampened cloth, and air dry after use to extend the life of your gorgeous shower curtain.

Product Description:
  • Cool Concave 3D Texture – 2 Styles to Pick
  • Allows Light in While Showering
  • Shiny Material Under the Lights
  • Resists Mildew & Mold
  • Heavy-Duty Weights at Bottom Hem
  • Anti-Bacterial to Resist Germs
  • Can be Wiped Clean Fast – Air Dry
  • Rustproof Grommets – 12 Hooks Included
  • Heavier Material & Weighted Bottom Prevents “Billowing” that Causes Drafts
  • Safe, Non-Toxic EVA Material
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable – Top Quality Construction Details
  • Odorless
  • Longer Length

Shower Curtain for Walk In Tub and Shower Bench

Many seniors to today are staying in their own homes or with a relative rather than going into a senior living facility. These individuals often require specialized personal care setups in order to stay as independent as possible. It is common for people to have a customized or specialized design for their tub/shower that can make it challenging to find the right sized shower curtains. There are many curtains for the shower that can be used in these type of situations.

Many seniors and those with handicaps use a transfer bench situated by their shower/bathtub. It can be frustrating to have shower curtains that won’t stay inside while the person is showering due to the added space of the bench or chair. There are some designs of shower liners that work for this purpose. Below is a product review for one model.

The Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain

This lovely shower curtain combines the best of a functional shower liner with a touch of added elegance that everyone will admire and appreciate. This curtain was created first by an actual occupational therapist. People love this curtain because it gives a measure of privacy while in the bath. The specialized slit design allows the water to remain in the tub while protecting the bather from cold drafts or overexposure.

The curtain is simple to hang, and the weighted magnets at the bottom secure the curtain to the interior side of the tub for maximum protection from splashes that could make the floor slippery and unsafe. The curtain is machine washable and can be dried as directed. The 100% polyester fabric drapes nicely to suit the purpose, and it fits a nice variety of shower/bath transfer benches.

Product Description:
  • Fits Most Bath/Shower Transfer Benches
  • Weighted Bottom Secures to Interior of Tub for Less Splash Spills Onto Floor
  • Drapes Nicely with Polyester Fabric
  • Machine Wash & Dry
  • Creamy Beige Shade is Lovely & Provides Some Privacy
  • Easy to Install
  • Special Slit Cuts Enable Getting Around Bench

Oftentimes, people with a handicap or difficulties moving use lifts to get in and out of the shower/bathtub. Sometimes, these lifts are mounted to the ceiling. There are some clever ways to still have a shower curtain if the length and cut allows the extra space. There are some ingenious shower bar designs that work perfectly in these situations.

There are a number of practical shower curtains that are designed with the caregiver in mind. These can be half-length or on swing-bars. There are even heavy weighted shower curtain styles with convenient mesh or other material pockets to store readily needed shower items.

Purchasing a shower curtain with weighted bottom for use as a walk in tub shower curtain can increase safety, independence and ensure privacy. There are styles to access benches, grab bars and prevent soap going down the drain. Some can do double duty by allowing the handicapped person extra room, and using another liner inside for other family use.


Weighted Shower Curtain for Barrier Free Shower: How To Choose

Likely everyone has experienced a time when they were showering and the shower curtain billowed in to stick to the person’s legs and causing cold drafts to enter the shower interior. Today, there are some very attractive curtains for the shower that include weights or weighted fabrics to ensure that the curtains stays where it is supposed to.

Material Choices

There are several types of material choices to pick from when shopping for a shower curtain. There are benefits and drawbacks for each. The most common materials used today are:

  • Hemp
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Vinyl

Vinyls are a popular material used in shower liners. These include:

  • Polyethylene vinyl acetate PEVA
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate – EVA
  • Polyvinyl chloride – PVC

Avoid the Dangers of PVC:

If possible, individuals should avoid buying shower curtains made from materials containing PVC. This is especially true for people that suffer from allergies or have other respiratory issues. PVC can pose a significant threat to health especially with regards to vulnerable individuals. PVC exposure symptoms include: nausea, headaches and can irritate the ear, nose and throat. Rarely, the compound might be linked to central nervous system damage. Many shower curtains do contain PVC.

Choose a shower curtain made from materials that don’t emit toxic chemicals into the air. These better shower curtain selections include:

  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Heavy-Duty Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Chloride-Free Vinyls like EVA & PVA
Note: Out of these shower curtain selections, PEVA and hemp are thought to be more mildew-resistant according to some experts.