How many times have you found yourself in the kitchen, searching for a plate to bring your dinner to the couch? What about when you are cooking and need another pot or bowl? Have you ever felt like there was no way of reaching something on top of the shelf without climbing up on a chair? If any of these things have happened, then it may be time for some new trays! Trays make life so much easier. They provide an easy way to transport Food and other items from one place to another. In this article, we will talk about how they work and what kinds are available today!

What are walker trays?

Walker trays are a type of tray that can attach to walkers. They have two legs on the bottom and one or more handles across the top. Walker trays come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and styles.

Trays for walker works by attaching them onto your walking device (walker). It’s as simple as placing it over the handlebars and then tightening it with screws or bolts until it is snug against the frame of your walker. The best part about these types of trays is how quickly you can adjust their placement! If you need something closer to you, move it forward; if not, push everything back to avoid anything sticking out into traffic flow!

What are walker trays for?

Walker trays are just like any other tray type, but they come in a special design to fit walkers. They attach directly onto the handles, which is great because you can put it right where you need it and then lock it into place with the adjustable clasps on either side. This makes them perfect for helping people who have problems cooking or doing chores that require multiple trips from one area of their home to another!

Trays may be needed for the following reasons:

-The person is unable to bend and needs help getting things that are out of reach.

-The person has poor balance or becomes easily dizzy, causing them to fall when reaching for items.

-Arthritis in the joints causes pain upon moving from one area to another. This includes putting pressure on hands while grabbing objects, standing after sitting too long, walking any distance at all, and so forth.

-Other health reasons prevent you from reaching certain areas without assistance! (Ie: Stroke victims who have lost feeling in parts of their body).

Trays can be used by anyone with a walker, including people who need them as aid during recovery or rehabilitation due to a recent accident or surgery. They also work well for people who have trouble moving around and would benefit from a little extra support!

How to choose the best walker tray

Before buying a walker tray, it’s important to think about what you need it for. Do you need a lightweight option that can be used in several different situations? Or do you want something sturdy and heavy-duty for those tough cooking days! Here are some things to keep in mind:

Material for making trays for walkers

Walker trays can be made of almost any type of material. Plastic, metal, and wood are the most popular, but you may find some made out of silicone or even cloth! While it might seem like a good idea to use something lightweight so that it is easier for you to carry around with your walker, keep in mind that anything too flimsy will not last very long! Metal and plastic varieties tend to work best because they don’t easily bend or break, plus they offer more support than lighter alternatives.

  • Wood trays are nice because they blend into your home decor and look more stylish than plastic or metal options. They also tend to be very durable but can sometimes give off an odor that takes some getting used to!
  • Plastic trays come in many colors, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches the color of your walker. You may even find ones with interchangeable parts, making it easier for you to change their design if you want something different (i.e., If a loved one moves into a new room). Plastic is lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold heavy items without breaking down while being easy on your hands as well. Plus, most people prefer them over metal or wood varieties, thanks to how affordable and easy-to-clean they are.
  • Metal trays are usually sturdier than plastic or wooden varieties and may be more suited for someone who wants something heavy-duty that will last a very long time! These types of walker trays tend to work best for people with severe arthritis, limited hand strength, or those who have trouble bending their knees and reaching objects on the ground while sitting down (such as in wheelchairs). They can also help prevent spills if you need to carry liquids around in your tray. On the other side of things, metal is not exactly easy to clean since it tends to hold onto grease and dirt pretty easily, plus its weight may become an issue when trying to move from one place to another over long distances!

What size walker trays do I need?

The tray size you need all depends on what the primary use for it will be. Will it be used primarily to hold Food and drinks? Do you want a larger or smaller option that can handle other items as well (i.e., books, remotes)?

If your main reason for using is to prepare and eat meals, then you’ll most likely want something large enough so that there’s plenty of room when placing dishes down. In addition, if someone else may need to help out with feeding time from time to time, such as a loved one who has limited mobility in their hands but still wants to help serve dinner now and again, consider getting an extra deep walker tray! There are even some varieties designed specifically for people who are using walkers and wheelchairs simultaneously since they can accommodate both types of equipment without any additional hassle (i.e., No more switching trays back-and-forth!)

On the other hand, if you want a tray that has enough room for holding drinks and snacks to keep nearby, then a smaller option will do! Plus, it may be ideal for someone who needs their hands free while walking around if you’re looking for something compact yet versatile enough to hold all kinds of items, including things like books or remotes in addition to Food and drink. Check out our top picks below, which include both full-size options as well as small snack ones.

Carrying capacity of walker trays

The carrying capacity of your walker tray refers to how heavy or light the items it can hold without them spilling out. If you’re looking for a tray that’s designed with transporting drinks and snacks in mind, then something lightweight is probably best since it will be easier on your hands as well! Metal trays tend to have more weight and sturdiness built into them, making them ideal if you need to carry around heavier objects like dishes or books over longer distances (i.e., Up and downstairs).

On the other hand, plastic and wooden varieties are usually lighter yet sturdy enough to handle most household items such as remotes, glasses of water, plus even heavier goods so long as they aren’t too big. While some metal options come with a tray insert for added support, some allow you to place trays on top of them. However, we wouldn’t recommend using something like this if your main use is holding plates and other large dishes since the weight may cause it to crack under pressure!

Walker Trays

Drive Medical Universal Walker Tray and Cup Holder

If you’re looking for something affordable yet sturdy enough to handle various items, including drinks and snacks, we recommend checking out this universal walker tray from Drive Medical. This model provides an ample amount of room with its 16″ x 12.25″ platform that’s full-sized to hold larger plates as well as books or remotes. Since it has built-in cup holders on the side, there is no need to worry about spilling your drink while walking around (or sitting down), especially if someone else needs to help feed you!

There are also two additional side storage pockets where you can put other objects such as a remote control or even utensils since they provide easy access needed without having to stop and take the tray off. Finally, it is made of lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy with a non-tipping design which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who needs to transport dishes and other heavier items across long distances (i.e., Up or downstairs).

  • Has four additional pockets for storing items that are easy to access (i.e., Utensils or remotes)
  • Allows you to transport dishes and other heavy objects over longer distances without tipping over
  • Plastic handles may be less durable than metal ones depending on the weight of your trays when filled up

Walker Tray-NA – Each 1 Tray

Another great option is this walker tray from Walker Tray-NA, which provides a lightweight design attached to most standard wheelchairs and even some walkers. Suppose you want something smaller yet just as useful. In that case, this model has the added benefit of being completely adjustable, so it fits perfectly against your body without any additional bulk! It also comes with side pockets where you can place items like cups or remotes while in transit, making it ideal for people who need their hands free but still want easy access to important objects when walking around (i.e., Stairs). Plus, since there are four different height settings available, users don’t have to choose between keeping Food nearby or mobility. Lower the trays down towards your lap, and you can still get around with ease while carrying your Food!


  • Has four different height settings that allow for easy transportation of objects (i.e., Food, drink, or books) without stopping and picking up the tray.
  • Works well on both standard wheelchairs as well as walkers.
  • Provides ample room for larger plates


  • The tray is smaller than other models.

Drive Fold Down Plastic Walker Tray with Cup Holders

One of the most popular things that many people look for when looking at a walker tray is cup holders. The Drive Fold Down Plastic Walker Tray with Cup Holders has two built-in cup holders, and it can fit on almost any style of the walker, from basic to deluxe. This product comes in an easy-to-clean black plastic. The tray measures 16.25″ x 11″.

When you are searching for a product like this, you must find one that fits the style of walker you have and your budget. This particular model is an excellent choice because it has both cup holders and can fit almost any type of walker. It also comes in black plastic, so cleaning up messes will be simple and easy to do on your own, or if someone helps assist with mobility issues, then they’ll know how to clean up after themselves without doing extra work for anyone else who might help out once in a while.


– There are two cup holders on the tray

– The plastic is black and easy to clean up.


– The tray may not fit as well with some deluxe walkers.

Yunga Tart Walker Tray (Gray)

The Yunga Tart Walker Tray (Gray) is a great option if you are looking for something that can fit any walker. It comes with two built-in cup holders and has an easy-to-clean black plastic top that wipes up nicely after messes have been made on the tray. The measurements for this particular model are 17″ x 12″. This product also fits securely onto most types of wheelchairs or walkers, so you don’t need to worry about it shifting around as your loved one uses their walking aid.


– Fits any style of wheelchair or walker due to an adjustable strap system; no matter what, this will stay in place and not hinder mobility at all!

– Two cup holders to keep drinks near at hand

– Easy to clean black plastic top.

Cons: – Can be difficult for people with arthritis in their hands or other mobility issues that affect gripping the tray and pulling it up into place so they can eat meals off of it while sitting down.

Lumex Walker Tray

This tray is designed for the Lumex walker. The width of this product will accommodate standard or wide walkers. It has a blue plastic frame and four cup holders (two on each side). You can adjust it to your desired height with an easy release pin, so there won’t be any frustration while trying to find that perfect position you need to eat without spilling all over yourself because the pins are so hard to turn!

The tray has a lip around the edges, so you don’t have to worry about your Food sliding off while trying to eat. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from tremors as they may find themselves knocking their glass over or having their fork fall into their lap, all because there was no barrier between them and what they were eating.


  • The lip around the edge on the tray is a great design feature
  • Easy release pin for adjusting the height


  • The cup holders are not deep enough.

Folding Walker Trays

436T Folding Walker Tray

This folding tray attaches to walkers with four suction cups. The actual tray is small, but it detaches and can be carried around by the person using the walker if they want to eat in another room or at their desk. It measures about 16 inches long x 12 inches wide without extending outwards, which gives plenty of space for eating Food off a plate or bowl. This was one of our favorite trays because it’s so easy to attach and remove from almost any standard-size walker frame, as well as being very sturdy when attached properly (there’s no chance that this will come loose). Even though there are not many reviews on Amazon (just 17), most people rated this product highly, with an average rating of over three stars. The only downside to this tray is that it can be a little hard to clean because of the small size and slight grooves in the surface; we found using a bottle brush helped get into all the corners and crevices.


  • Very sturdy when attached properly
  • Easy to attach and remove from almost any standard size walker frame


  • It can be hard to clean because of the small size and slight grooves on the surface.

Yunga Tart Flippin’ Tray

For those who want a tray that will allow mobility, check out the Yunga Tart Flippin’ Tray. This is an oversized table with high sides so your loved one won’t fall off of it while they’re walking around alone. It can also be used as a place for them to eat or play without sitting down at all times. It has two cup holders and a built-in handle to make carrying it easy. It also folds up for storage when not in use, which is always a bonus.

This tray weighs only five pounds, so even younger users can carry it around without too much difficulty. The tabletop material makes it very smooth and anti-static as well, meaning that if your loved one spills Food or drink on this tray, they won’t need to worry about getting zapped by their chair! This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, making it ideal for those looking for something long-term lasting but low cost at the same time.


  • It can also be used as a place for them to eat or play without sitting down at all times.
  • Two cup holders and a built-in handle make carrying easy.
  • Folds up for storage when not in use, adding extra convenience.


  • A little pricey due to the warranty but otherwise an incredible value if you’re looking for something long-term lasting but low cost at the same time.

Lumex Folding Walker Tray with Cup Holders and Tool-Free Assembly, Grey, 603900A

For those looking for a tray that is easy to use and just as easy to clean, check out the Lumex Folding Walker Tray with Cup Holders. This product has an adjustable height of between 23″ and 30″, which means it can be used by various people regardless of their height or mobility level. It also comes in three colors, including grey, blue and red, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your loved one!

This table weighs only four pounds making it very lightweight while still durable enough not to break easily under pressure. The tool-free assembly makes putting together this tray even easier than using it straight from the box; no tools required! There are two cupholders located on either side of the table, as well.


  • Comes in three colors.
  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for a wide range of users regardless of their mobility level or height.
  • Tool-free assembly means putting this tray together is easier than ever before; no tools are required.


  • Padding on the bottom of this tray is a little thin, leading to it sliding around if not placed properly.

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Walker Tray, 6″ x 2″, Gray, 1 Count

This tray is designed to fit most walkers and provides a sturdy surface for carrying drinks or Food, book, tablet, or cell phone. It’s also helpful for preparing lunch in the morning while getting dressed because it holds everything you might need during mealtime. You can use this tray with any walker that has rubber “tip guards” on either end of the legs (most do). The top of the product measures 13 inches wide by about 11-inches deep from the front edge to the back edge when flat. When filled with items such as water bottles, cell phones, and books, some extra material may push up against your inner thighs – which are quite close together, so I don’t consider this too much of an issue.

The tray is made of sturdy, high-impact plastic that cleans easily with a damp cloth or disposable wipe if you spill anything on it (and this happens). One great feature is the ability to lock your walker’s brakes when using the tray, so you don’t have to worry about walking off and leaving an item behind. The cup holders are generous enough for most water bottles and coffee cups – but not extra-large mugs, which will tip over if they’re full because there isn’t much clearance between them and your legs.


  • Good for preparing meals
  • Easy to clean


  • Not safe to use with a walker that doesn’t have rubber tips on the legs


What is the average price of walker trays?
Walkers trays typically cost anywhere between $15 and $30. However, the prices vary widely depending on the type of tray you choose (folding versus non-folding) as well as its size and color. Some people have even bought them for less than $20 if they don’t mind older models that may be slightly worn or faded in appearance.
Is it safe to walk off walker trays?
Many walker trays come with brake locks that prevent you from moving the walker when it’s in use. However, if your tray does not have this feature and you’re concerned about safety, then a weighted object such as a heavy can of soup or another weighty item should suffice to keep yourself safe.
How to care for walker trays?
Always wipe down trays with a damp cloth or disposable wet wipes in case you spill anything on them

Never use abrasive cleaners to clean the tray because they could leave permanent scratches and scuffs that will be difficult to remove. Use mild dish detergent instead.

Hand wash only, not safe for dishwasher or microwave.

If you or someone close to you is dependent on a walker for mobility, then it’s time to find the best trays for Walkers. Many different styles and materials are available in today’s market that can help make your life easier. The feature of these devices will depend on how much weight they need to support and any other special needs an individual may have (such as height).