For senior or handicapped loved ones, mobility can be difficult and even a short fall could be disastrous.

Toilet bars, also known as toilet assist rails, are installed around or near your toilet. The goal of this product is to give your loved ones the ability to maintain their balance while using the bathroom. Getting up and sitting down on the toilet can be one of the more difficult common tasks that your mobility impaired loved ones face on a day-to-day basis. With toilet handle bars in place, you are able to give them back some of their independence. The toilet assist bar comes in many different shapes and styles.

Toilet Bars for Elderly

We selected these rails based on style, quality of materials, and range of benefits that they can confer to your handicapped or senior loved ones.

Vive Toilet Safety-Rail

This product affixes directly to the toilet itself, allowing for simple access to the handlebars. The Vive Safety-Rail offers a tool-free installation and a plethora of important features so as to maximize the comfort and security of your loved ones.

This toilet rail supports up to 300 pounds of weight and is compact enough to never come loose. The Vive fits any style of a standard toilet and the handles can be moved from 17″ to 20″ in width in order to shore up a range of arm-lengths. The Vive has padded rails that use textured rubber in order to create a non-slip grip.

As far as simplicity and durability go, the Vive simply cannot be beaten. With a lifetime guarantee, this commode frame is ideal for users who need extra stability in a smaller bathroom.

Vaunn Medical Bathroom Toilet Rail Grab Bar

The Vaunn Medical Bathroom Toilet Rail fits neatly around your commode thanks to a compact but strong frame. The entire frame is built out of stainless steel which makes it one of the strongest options on our entire list.

The frame itself is affixed with slip-resistant pads that allow for maximum security. You won’t have to worry about this rail frame slipping or sliding in wet conditions. Additionally, the handles themselves are padded for comfort and the entire model can be put into place without using tools.

Although this product cannot be changed due to how tall or short the user is, it does offer strong leverage for users who are handicapped, of older age or disabled from an injury. The ideal bathroom will be large enough to accommodate this larger frame. The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Deluxe Bathroom Safety Rails

For a portable bathroom grab bar, the Deluxe Bathroom Toilet Rail by Vaunn is tough to beat. This grab bar is free-standing and stable, capable of being moved out of the way when not needed. The entire product was engineered for use in a wet environment and for that reason, everything on the product is slip-resistant.

The frame of the rail itself is engineered with high-strength steel that is resistant to corrosion and strong enough to last for years. You can adjust this frame based on the heights of the users that rely on it. This no-tool toilet rail is perfect for people who want to get in and get out of their bathroom in a safe and effective way.

The Vaunn Deluxe Rail provides secured, padded grab bars, and anti-skid materials on all of the legs of the product. It provides independence and consideration for their health to your elderly or handicapped loved ones and can be easily added to bathrooms of any size.

Vive Bathtub Rail For Elder & Limited Users

If your commode is near the tub, then the Vive tub Rail is the perfect product for you. With no remodeling required, you can have this rail put in place fairly quickly. This product is incredibly simple to install with security in mind. Relying on a clamping action, this rail can be adjusted to fit almost any tub in the world. It supports up to 300 pounds in weight and features scratch resistance to technology.

You can adjust this rail to handle any width but you cannot make it taller or shorter. As long as your tub is under 7 inches in thickness, you should be good to go. The ergonomic rail has rubber pads inside of the clamps in order to prevent any long-term damage. This is the ideal commode solution for people that need temporary installations due to their living conditions.

Healthstar Toilet Safety-Rail

Healthstar’s Toilet Rail provides a full-featured frame that can affix directly to your toilet. Lightweight and built with customization in mind, this rail is ideal for users who need to maximize their security in a smaller bathroom. You can change the location of the rails in all directions thanks to the easy-to-adjust frame.

This entire safety-frame has been powder coated to improve strength, longevity, and corrosion resistance. This is a simple-to-install and maintain grab rail for users of all limitations.

Healthline Toilet Safety-Frame

Healthline offers a full-featured toilet assist handrail frame that directly attaches to your commode. This no-tool installation was built with customization in mind. You can adjust the frame based on the needs of your loved ones. The sturdy build provides safe usage even in the toughest situations.

Built with comfort in mind, this toilet grab bar will fit just about any bathroom around. Built out of corrosion resistant materials, this lightweight frame is easy to take apart for deep cleaning purposes. The entire product weighs in at under 5lbs and can handle most body weights.

Toilet assist bars for elderly styles

There are many different kinds of handicap toilet rails. It is important that you know of the different styles so that you can select the right option for your bathroom. No two users are going to have the exact same limitations or the exact same bathroom layout. Use the style guide below to point you in the right direction for your shower security rails needs.

Floor-to-Ceiling Grab Bar

For toilet assist bars, the focus is on providing unmatched durability and stability in one reinforced package. Floor to ceiling grab bars can be secured anywhere in your bathroom. These bars run from the ceiling to the floor and typically will come with scratch-resistant pads.

Wall-to-Floor Grab Bars

Also known as a 90-degree bar, wall-to-floor grab bars are designed with stability in mind. This bar is affixed where it bends out at a 90-degree angle, securing itself to your floor. These are ideal for setting directly next to your toilet where any user can reach out with a hand for stability.

Suction Cup Grab Bars

If you live in a building where permanent installations are not allowed, suction cup grab bars might be the way to go. These bathroom security rails are typically very affordable and simple to use. The only downside is that they can be less safe than the other permanent options on our list.

Straight-Safety Grab Bar

These toilet grab bars are affixed directly to your walls. They are durable due to the permanent fixture and are typically made of aluminum or some other high-quality material. If you desire something that is incredibly strong, this might be the most secured option on our list.

Flip-Up/Flip-Down Bathroom Grab Bar

With a special hinge, these toilet rails can be pushed out of the way when they are not in use. You can install this type of rail next to the toilet or the shower in order to give your loved ones the help and support that they need. We like that these bars can flip away which makes them incredibly helpful in smaller bathrooms.

No Drill Grab Bars

Here is another viable alternative if you need to stop yourself from making any permanent alterations to your bathroom. No drill grab bars can be placed with relative ease.

Decorative Grab Bars

If you want stylish toilet bars for elderly users that can be set to any height that you desire, decorative grab bars are perfect for you. These bars come in a variety of different styles and the vast majority of them can be secured by with little direction.

Bathroom Frame


Some handicap bathroom rails are manufactured in order to accommodate your entire commode. Framed handicap rails for toilet use are excellent when you desire strength and longterm durability. These rails are ideal for giving your loved ones the personal independence that they desire while maintaining the hygiene that is so important. You need to measure the range of your toilet before choosing the matching frame.

Shower Safety Rails

Secured by your shower, these rails aid your loved one get in and out of their shower while keeping their balance in check. They can be placed next to toilets, as well.

How To Choose Toilet Assist Bars for Elderly

Follow this short guide below and you’ll be on your way to installing the perfect adjustable handicap bars for toilet use.

Slip Resistance

First, you need to start looking over your bathroom. There are likely going to be multiple places that you can install your toilet bar. Find the perfect spot by focusing on the comfort and protection of your handicapped or senior loved one.

Take Accurate Measurements

Measure out the length of the area that you are installing the rail. Pay attention to these key measurements:

Weight Capacity

Make sure that your grab bar is rated to handle the weight capacity of your loved one.

Bar Measurement

Measure out the walls or floor that you plan on installing your grab bar. Leave enough room so that you can accommodate being off by an inch or two.


Finally, you’ll want to measure out where the bar will be secured in accordance with your loved one. If you are installing a grab bar for a tall loved one, consider installing the bar higher up on the wall.

Focus On Your Needs

Now, take into consideration the specific needs of your loved one. Do they need something that is simple and convenient, such as a straight rail? Or does a full-bodied commode frame make more sense for their needs?

Get High-Quality Materials

You’ll want to make sure that your grab bar is built out of materials that are resistant to corrosion, strong enough to assist your loved ones, and stylish enough not to turn your bathroom into an eye-sore.