Swivelling bath seats have become very popular with seniors or those with handicaps still living at home. The purpose of these bathroom aids are to provide the support to safely enter and exit the shower and/or tub from a more stable seated position. These convenient bathing aids can come with or without rotating seats, and these assist devices allow a person to safely slide from one spot to another. Some of these ingenious bathroom bathing/showering/dressing aids sit close to the tubside for easier storage that takes up less space when the item is not being used.

Swiveling bath seats are an alternative to using a standard chair or stool in the shower or bathtub. They come with four legs and can be securely fastened to the floor of the tub. This type of seat is excellent for those who have mobility issues like arthritis that make it difficult to get into and out of standing positions.

Swiveling bath chairs are an excellent option for those who have difficulty standing in the shower or tub. They come with four legs and can be securely fastened to the floor of the tub. This type of seat is also handy if you want to face one direction while washing your other side. Swiveling bath seats can be found in both stationary and swiveling varieties, making it easy to decide what kind you’d like your chair to be facing!

Swiveling bath seat is a fantastic choice for those who are mobility impaired and have difficulty getting out of standing positions when shaving their legs, washing after going to the bathroom, using shampoo and conditioner on both sides of their head at once, etc.

Who needs swivel bath seats?

  • People who have mobility issues
  • People with limited dexterity or arm movement due to injury/surgery
  • Individuals who are recovering from surgery.

Swiveling bath seats provide an easy way for these groups of people to enter and exit the tub without the risk of slipping on wet surfaces, in addition to providing stability while seated.

Swiveling bath chairs allow users who can’t sit upright comfortably (elderly, post-operative) to be able to take more time soaking themselves clean instead of soaping up in one position as they would do otherwise. If you don’t need something that complicated, consider using regular bathers or stool soap dishes explicitly designed for showering as alternatives.

Swivelling bath seats models

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

Space Saving Design for Tubs and Showers. Featuring Premium PADDED Shower & Bath Chair with Convenient Arms that Pivot. by Platinum Health

Designed and recommended by leading physiotherapists, nurses and doctors, this innovative bathroom aid is ideal for those who have difficulty walking or have decreased mobility. Featuring a sturdy swiveling bath seat and sliding chair, this terrific model offers true support and mobility allowing the user to be more independent with personal care needs. Luxurious yet practical comfort padding that beads moisture off is soft and delightfully warm next to delicate skin unlike other seats with cold uncomfortable plastic that can cause skin tears. This product boasts a durable aluminum frame that is rustproof, no-tool adjustment options and full 360 degree swivel seat with safe locking abilities.

  • Swivel Seat – Space Saving Design
  • Soft Padded Seat/Back
  • Nice Blue Shade Provides Safer Contrast for Visually Challenged
  • Professional Grade – Durable, Rust-Proof Aluminum Frame
  • Easy No-Tool Assembly & Adjustable Height Options
  • Full 360 degree Seat Rotation for Maximum Comfort
  • Pivoting Armrests – Can Lock or Swing Out of Way During Transfers
  • Designed & Recommended by Top Healthcare Specialists.
Tub Transferring Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

Crafted from Non Slip Aluminum of Heavy Duty Strength, and Offers Plastic Seat with Adjustable Seat Height and Cut Out Access Holding Weight… by Duro-Med

This is an outstanding pick for individuals that need some assistance in the bath. It’s easy to use, user simply sits down or transfers from a wheelchair, raise legs/feet into tub then glides effortlessly across into the bath/shower independently or with caregiver assistance.

Caregivers and their care recipients will appreciate the design of this back-saving bathing aid model. A secure nylon safety strap ensures safe use and added stability. The frame has adjustable legs and secure suction cup tips that are non-slip help provide increased stability for the user. There is an convenient cutout that allows access to the users private areas while showering. This handicap bathtub seat that slides across seamlessly is a must-see-to-appreciate fantastic bathing assist product. Innovative Slider Bath Chair Transfers Person from Toilet to Tub

Eagle Health Supplies – Toilet-to-Tub Sliding Transfer Bench (77993) – XX Long

This sturdy and easy-to-use bathtub seat for adults glides from toilet to shower/tub smoothly and seamlessly. This product can save consumers the money that they would require to have a walk-in shower/tub unit. This specific model offers the user a more independent bathing experience. If the user needs some caregiver assistance, the design of this model makes that simple.

One of the big benefits of this bathing/showering transferring aid is the smooth operation so the user doesn’t have to awkwardly scoot. The unit can be assembled without tools, and the user has the option of setting it up both on the left and to the right depending on the specific room space. Handy commode cutout allows the person to perform personal hygiene with more privacy. Extra wide seat offers a comfortable experience, and clever drainage holes allow the water to drain out keeping mold and mildew away. Made of rustproof higher quality aluminum makes this product super strong but lightweight enough to move it easily when needed.

  • Reliable & Safe Use
  • Convenient Transferring Capabilities
  • Comfortable Molded Plastic Seat with Drain Holes to Prevent Mold/Mildew
  • May be Setup on Either Side
  • Promotes More Independence
  • Adjustable Height
  • No-Tool Assembly
  • Can Hold Up to 350 lbs
The HIP SOLUTION(tm) Bath and Shower Transfer Bench by Platinum Health

Finally, those individuals that are recovering from a broken hip or other lower body injury can use this novel swivel bath seat with pivot-transfer sliding ability. The sleek design allows the user to use the shower/tub without causing pain on their injured site. Ideal for postoperative knee/hip injury patients, this bathing aid is a true game-changer.

With its sturdy construction and comfortable padding, this product offers users the advantage of remaining more independent with regards to personal care needs like showering. The ingenious design that keeps the user safe without compromising the healing surgical site. The vibrant blue shade allows individuals that have difficulty with their vision to be able to quickly see where the seat is.

Some of the details regarding this product include:

  • Designed & Recommended by OT/PT professionals
  • Best Postoperative Shower/Bathing Aid for Hip/Knee Replacement Users
  • Soft, Comfortable & Easy Wash/Dry/Sanitize
  • Pivots to Keep Body in Correct Alignment
  • Provides Increased Stability, Balance & Safety
  • Space Saving Design
  • Adjustable Padded Armrests Can Be Locked
  • Easy-to-Clean & Dry
Platinum Health Revolution Pivoting Shower Chair with Padded Back and Arms by Platinum Health

This is another great product that was designed and is currently recommended by leading OT/PT professionals and other healthcare members. Users can be better protected from falls or another injury while in the bath by utilizing this safer shower chair option. The brighter blue padded seat, back and arms enables those with diminished vision to confidently locate the chair when needed.

This impressive swival bath seat for the shower offers a comfortable place to rest while bathing or showering. The sturdy design and safe-use features can give the user greater confidence and feelings of security. Featuring suction based non-slip tips, and lightweight but durable aluminum frame, this is by far one of the best shower chairs on the market. An easy-to-use swivel mechanism has a lock and can pivot without causing strain or an unbalanced feeling. The chairs padding is easily washed, dries fast and is made to repel the water so molds and mildew will stay far away.

Advantages of this chair include:

  • Top-Grade Materials
  • Sturdy Design
  • Safer Pivoting Ability
  • Padded Arm Rests, Seat & Back for Comfort
  • Swing-Back Armrests During Transfers
  • Promotes Independence
OasisSpace 360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair, Tool Free Adjustable Shower Stool Tub Chair and Bathtub Seat Bench with Anti-Slip Rubber Tips for Safety and Stability by Oasis Space

This simplistic yet practical and effective rotating adult bath seat/shower chair/bathtub bench might be just what your senior or recovering surgical patient needs to get some of their independence back. This sturdy shower chair can swivel for better bathing access. The adjustable legs have rubber tips to keep the stool from sliding.

This bathing/showering aid can fit up to 300 lbs, and the overall design of this stool/bench makes it easy to store. This is a wonderful addition to a home care setting. It works well for anyone with a handicap that affects their mobility, pregnant women, seniors and anyone else just wanting a bit more security in the bath.

Some things to consider:

  • Durable Frame Yet Lightweight
  • Sturdy Holds Up to 300 lbs
  • Easy to Maintain & Clean
  • Rubber Coated Tips for Non-Slip Use
  • Adjustable Height
  • Swivel Seat up to 360 Degrees

Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

The Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat-Padded Backrest and Handrail is an excellent buy for those who need to transfer from the seated position. It features a padded backrest, handrails on either side of the seat which can be used as armrests. The bench also has four legs that are adjustable in height which makes it convenient when transferring into or out of the bathtub. This particular product even comes with an attachable shower chair feature! Users have said that they enjoy using this item because it’s easy to use and stable during transfers. They also mention how it provides extra support while sitting upright after being transferred into a standing position. But one user said how they wish the bench had more padding for comfort.


-Provides a sturdy and reliable transfer

-The back is padded, which provides extra support when transferring into or out of the bathtub.

-It’s easy to use and stable during transfers, perfect for those who need to situate themselves from the seated position into an upright standing position after being transferred in or out of the tub.


-Some wish it had more padding for comfort as some have mentioned that they don’t find it too comfortable to be sat on. This seems like a matter of preference, though!

Medical Tool-Free Assembly Adjustable Swivel Shower Stool Seat Bench

The Medical Tool-Free Assembly Adjustable Swivel Shower Stool Seat Bench with Anti-Slip Rubber Tips for Safety and Stability is a must-have item if you need relief from back pain. It features an adjustable height which makes it perfect for transferring into or out of the bathtub, showering in any position without increased pressure on your spine, and remaining seated during bathing. Users have also said that they love how this swiveling bench has rubber tips to prevent slipping while using it. One user even mentioned that not only did their parents find relief after surgery, but so did they!


-Provides relief from back pain

-The height is adjustable, making it perfect for transferring into or out of the bathtub and showering in any position with increased pressure on your spine.

-It has rubber tips to prevent slipping while using it!


-The seat is not padded and can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods.

Swiveling bath seats for users of short stature

EagleHealth Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bench 77762

The Eagle Health Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bench 77762 is an excellent option for users of short stature. It features a durable, lightweight design that makes it easy to transfer in and out of the tub with minimal assistance from another person due to its wide seat width and length. One user mentioned how they are shorter than their spouse, but this bench was perfect because it made transferring into or out of the bathtub much easier!


-Lightweight and durable design

-Wide seat width makes transferring in or out of the shower much easier without requiring help from another individual. This also helps those shorter than others have an easier time getting up after being transferred from a seated position into an upright standing position.

-It is perfect for those with short stature!


-Some mention how they wish the back were more padded.

Invacare Aquatec Sorrento Over Bath Seat with Swivel/Rotation

The Invacare Aquatec Sorrento over bath seat with swivel/rotation is one of the most popular and affordable models on the market. It’s also very lightweight, making it a great choice if you need to move or change your position in the tub often. This model features a sturdy aluminum frame that can be adjusted from 59″ up to 71″. The backrest height adjusts as well for added comfort. This particular model will work best in an average bathroom size because It measures 27W x 19D inches when folded and 31L x 39H inches unfolded (with 17-inch leg extensions). When installed securely, this product weighs just under 13 pounds – so definitely not too heavy either!

This model will suit you if be a good size for you if your bathtub is at least 27 inches wide and has no higher than a 15-inch height of the tub edge. Other features include:

  • A contoured, high-density foam seat that fits most bathers comfortably.
  • A durable powder-coated steel frame with cross support bracketing
  • An aluminum rosette finish on all surfaces to keep it looking shiny and new!


– Affordable

– Very lightweight and easy to move or adjust position in the tub

– Fits most bathtubs with no higher than 15″ height of the tub’s edge – 27 inches wide, 19 inches deep.


IT is a bit difficult for taller people (over six feet) because they will be hunched over when seated on it!

Swiveling bath seats for tall users

Drive Medical Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench

The best swiveling bath seats for tall users are Drive Medical’s Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench. The seat height is adjustable, the backrest slides up and down, and the design includes a handgrip that makes it easy to get in or out of it. What’s more? It folds flat for compact storage when not in use!

Other features include:

  • Inline wheels for easy mobility on tile or hardwood floors and a padded, upholstered seat.
  • A fold-down tray with a cup holder provides an additional surface within arm’s reach of the seated person, which can be lifted off when not in use.

This model will suit you if you want comfort, versatility, and ease of use.

The Drive Medical Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench is the best swiveling bath seat for tall users because it has an adjustable height, a handgrip, inline wheels, padding, and folds flat when not in use. It also includes a fold-down tray with a cup holder to provide an additional surface within the arm’s reach of a seated person, which can be lifted off when not in use. If you are looking for these features combined into one product, this chair will suit your needs the best!


-Adjustable height

-Handgrip makes it easy to get in and out of the bath seat

-Inline wheels for easy mobility on tile or hardwood floors

-Padded, upholstered seat

-Folds flat when not in use.


-Tray is a bit difficult to remove and store back into a chair while seated.

Eagle Health Supplies Swivel Sliding Bench

The Eagle Health Supplies Swivel Sliding Bench w/CutOut 77663 is the best swiveling bath seat for tall users. It has an easy-to-clean surface, soft upholstery, and a durable frame that can support 175 pounds. What’s more? This model includes four casters with locks for stability on hardwood floors or tile, so you never have to worry about it tipping over when in use! If you are looking for a comfortable yet sturdy bath bench, then this one should suit your needs just fine.

This product also comes complete with laminated safety rails, which provide handholds around the edge of the seat and underneath where someone might need them most, making this chair not only safe but accessible too. The seat is also positioned at the height of 17.25 inches from the floor to make getting in and out easier for tall or having mobility issues.

Other features include:

  • A handgrip to make getting in and out easier for people who are tall or have mobility issues.
  • The soft upholstery is easy to clean with its water-resistant vinyl cover, which can be removed and machine washed when necessary. The floor space beneath the seat provides a place to store soap, washcloth, shampoo, or other items needed while bathing. In contrast, this model does not fold flat like our previously mentioned product. It includes casters, so you will never have any trouble moving it from room to room on tile or hardwood floors!


-Easy to clean surface

-Soft upholstery

-Durable frame that can support 175 pounds.

-Comes complete with laminated safety rails.


-Does not fold flat like our previously mentioned product.

Bariatric swivel bath seats

HydroGlyde Premium Heavy Duty, Padded Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench

The HydraGlyde Premium Heavy Duty is a heavy-duty bath chair and one of the most comfortable. This model’s padding feels like it was made for sitting on while soaking in your favorite bubble bath or shower. The seat has enough room to accommodate larger people and still offers plenty of support with its wide backrest and thickly padded armrests that can move out of the way when needed and adjust up or down along with an adjustable leg rest height. There is even an optional foldable head pillow available for additional comfort, which can be placed at any point around the back cushion, providing ultimate relaxation during long baths where you don’t want gravity pulling hard against your neck muscles!

This bench will last a lifetime with its durable stainless steel construction and easy-to-clean plastic parts. The seat is also slip-resistant, which means you will never have to worry about sliding around while seated on the bench or when getting in and out of it!

Weighs only 32 pounds making it one of the lightest bath seats available today without compromising any features that make this product a favorite for those who need extra support, such as bariatric individuals or people recovering from surgery where lifting heavy objects can be difficult.


– Extremely durable

– Easy to clean

– Lightweight and easy to transport.


Maddak Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench, White (727142701)

The Maddak Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench has been proven to be one of the best swiveling bath seats on the market. It is made from a solid and durable material that will help reduce any rusting or deterioration over time. The bench does not have any sharp edges, so it offers protection from cuts and scrapes for your skin when sitting in wet conditions. Another great feature is that this seat’s height can adjust to whatever position you need for transferring into the bath or shower; its range includes 15 inches high up to 24 inches tall! This product also features rounded corners around each leg with rubber grip pads underneath that provide extra traction without harming your floor. While these are just some of the great features and benefits of this product, the Maddak Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench is something that you should seriously consider for your home.

Other features include:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Rust and weather-resistant material (stainless steel)
  • Durable construction with rounded corners for safety on floors.


– Durable

– Rust and weather-resistant material (stainless steel)

– Easy assembly


– The seat height can only adjust in increments of 15 inches, not the more common 12-inch increment. This may make it slightly challenging to transfer into a bath or shower, depending on your height.

Electric bath lifts

Electric bath lifts need people who are suffering from mobility problems to transfer into a bath or shower quickly. These lifts will make it easy for seniors, people with arthritis, and other disabilities to bathe without any risk of injury.

Drive Medical 477150312 Whisper Handicap Bath Lift Chair

The Whisper Handicap Bath Lift Chair by Drive Medical is an excellent product for those looking to transfer into the bath or shower with minimal stress and strain. Its comfy cushions will provide you with comfort while bathing in any position you need. Another fantastic feature of this chair is how easy it is to operate; all you have to do is press a button on the control pad! This chair also comes equipped with safety rails, so there’s no risk of falling when trying to get up from your seat during an emergency. In addition, this product features durable construction materials, which make it resistant to rusting or deterioration over time and have rounded corners around each leg (with rubber grip pads underneath) that will not harm your floor.

Other features:

  • Easy to operate (control pad and safety rails for emergencies)
  • Durable construction materials are made of a rust-resistant material (stainless steel).


– Easy to operate

– Durable construction materials made of a rust-resistant material (stainless steel)


– It can be difficult to transfer back into the chair, especially for shorter people.

Drive Medical 477200252 Bellavita Handicap Bath Lift Chair

The Bellavita Handicap Bath Lift Chair by Drive Medical is another excellent product that can transfer into the bath or shower with ease. It features a comfy cushioned seat and also offers armrests for added comfort while bathing in any position necessary. One of the best parts about this chair is how easy it is to operate; all you have to do is press one button on its control pad! This chair also comes equipped with safety rails, so there’s no risk of falling when getting up from your seat during an emergency. Durable construction materials make it resistant against rusting, deterioration over time, as well as having rounded corners around each leg (with rubber grip pads underneath), which will not harm your floor.

Easy to operate (control pad and safety rails for emergencies) Durable construction materials made of a rust-resistant material (stainless steel).


– Easy to operate

– Durable construction materials made of a rust-resistant material (stainless steel)


– It can be difficult to transfer back into the chair, especially for shorter people.

Swivel bath chair features to look for

-Adjustable height: Swivelling bath chairs come in various sizes, so make sure you measure your bathroom before shopping for one. If it’s possible to lower the showerhead and toilet seat, this is another excellent way to accommodate people with varying needs.

-Weight capacity: Some swivel seats can hold up to 300 pounds, while others are only designed for those weighing less than 200 pounds. Consider what size person might need the chair most often or choose an average weight limit if more than one user at different weights uses it regularly.

-Variety of colors: You may find that some manufacturers offer a selection of four or five different colors, which could match any home decor style from modern to retro.

-Variety of shapes: Swivel chairs come in many different designs, and you’ll have to decide which is the most appropriate for your needs. Some people like a high back, while others want a smooth shape without lots of detail.

-Comes with its shower stool: If you’re looking at an exceptionally tall swiveling seat, then make sure that there’s also a way to get out of the bathtub or shower other than just climbing down from the chair–especially if they are designed for elderly users who may need assistance when getting up from sitting positions.

-Adjustable armrests: For those using these seats as mobility aids, adjustable armrests can help them feel more comfortable after a long day.

-Large wheels: This makes it easier for users to roll themselves around, and some of the heavier chairs come with a built-in hand crank that can be used as an alternative to roll when needed.

-Easy-grip handles on seat or backrests: For those who find gripping onto something rugged, this is helpful because they don’t have to worry about slipping out of their chair while getting up from wet surfaces.

-Seat arm braces: These are essential features if you need more support than your arms to provide–especially if you’re recovering from surgery or other injuries (they help prevent people sliding forward). They also make pushing off the ground much easier should someone want to get into the bath without assistance.

Non Slip rubber feet: This helps the chair stay in place and avoids slipping on wet surfaces like tile floors or bath mats.

How to pick a swiveling bath chair

-Measure the space in your bathroom: You’ll need to measure out how large of a chair you can fit, as well as make sure that there’s room for it near all relevant fixtures.

-Find something that matches your home decor style: There are many different colors available, and some come with matching accessories, so find what looks best to match any personal taste.

-Decide on weight capacity: If there will be more than one user who needs the swivel seat, then consider buying an average weight limit model–or just choose higher if only one person is primarily going to use it. Caution should be taken when selecting seats under 200 pounds because they may not provide enough support or stability without assistance from another individual.

Types of swiveling bath chairs:

Before buying a swivel bath seat, there are a few things to consider:

Seats and base types

The most common type of seat is a simple chair with one hole for the foot and another at the center. The base can be either mounted to the floor, or it might have four small wheels so that you can move around in your tub without having to hop out on top of wet bathroom tiles. Wheels are helpful if mobility isn’t an issue, but they require more work when cleaning – especially because dirt collects in their tiny spaces and needs frequent scrubbing until everything’s clean (which means paying attention to hard-to-reach spots).

Base types of swiveling bath chairs:

  • wheelbases with one hole for the foot and another at the center
  • Wheelbase with two holes – so you can use them in either direction, depending on what’s most comfortable.
  • Mountable base with three or four rubber suction cups to keep it from sliding around, which is helpful if your tub surface isn’t slick enough by default (e.g., tile). This type of seat needs extra work when cleaning because dirt collects inside its corners and nooks more easily than wheels do (and often requires a toothbrush to scrub clean), but they’re more stable once mounted.


  • Rectangular seats are ubiquitous among swiveling bath chairs because their size allows users who have difficulty transferring themselves onto these seats to be more stable.
  • Upright seat for additional stability – this is an option if you’re elderly or recovering from surgery. Still, it doesn’t offer as much comfort during bathing and can make getting in and out of the chair a little tricky without assistance unless someone is standing nearby with both hands-free (elevating one arm while your other holds on tight).
  • Some models come with angled backrests that allow bathers to lean against them when they want some relief from sitting upright; these might seem uncomfortable at first but soon become indispensable for easing tired muscles.
  • Basket seats are the best option if you have a disability and need your arms free for stability while bathing – this is because it’s hard to hold on tight otherwise, as well as being difficult or impossible to get in and out without assistance (because there’s no height adjustment).

How different types of swiveling bath seats work.

Some seats are designed to be used without hands – these have handles on either side that you can push your weight against, using them like a pogo stick. These models may not work for everyone and require good arm strength because they’re more complex than other types when maintaining balance (and there’s always some risk involved).

Hands-free The most common type is an upright chair with two handles protruding from each side below the seat; this allows users who cannot sit unassisted or do so only with difficulty (elderly ) to move in and out of the tub by pushing their weight forward onto one handle while leaning back onto another. The bar you enter should ideally be at an angle of about 30 degrees so that you don’t have to bend your knees too much.

Seats with handrails: These are primarily for the elderly and the disabled who need support while bathing. They can be either mounted on a base or free-standing (sometimes you’ll find them at the side of bathtubs). When installed as part of a shower enclosure, they’re called “bathroom benches” instead but work the same way; this type is supposed to help bathers get onto their seats without any assistance from others because it has two handles extending above each shoulder.

Swiveling bath chairs for tall/short users

Many bath chairs are designed to work with a tall person’s height, and they’re often adjustable to accommodate shorter people as well. These are the best choice for bathers who need some extra help sitting or standing up from the chair (elderly folks) because it’ll require less strength than when using other types of seats.

You can use the chair’s height adjustment knob for low people to raise it a little bit.

What is the standard weight capacity of swiveling bath seats?

The weight capacity of a swiveling bath chair is typically between 150 and 300 pounds.

If you weigh over 300 pounds and you’re using a type of seat that rests on the floor, be sure to maintain all four legs in contact with the ground so that it doesn’t tip.

Some types (such as bath benches) can hold more weight than others because they have wider bases that distribute your body’s mass over a larger area and provide superior stability.

A swiveling chair for the elderly or those recovering from surgery should also support any extra weight required by an injury or medical condition. You’ll need to consult individual product descriptions before purchasing one if such considerations are essential to you.

Swiveling bath chairs for large/small bathrooms

Another factor to consider is whether you want your seat to take up a lot of space underneath the bathtub or not.

Some swiveling chairs will stand on their own, so if this is an issue for you, we recommend choosing one with legs.

It’s also important to keep in mind where you’ll be storing it when it’s not being used – some models can’t be folded and need a permanent location outside the bathroom (in which case they’re perfect for homes with small bathrooms).

Basket seats are typically more compact and better suited to use under baths because no handles are sticking out beneath them; these offer good support without taking up too much room but aren’t as easy to use or stable as other types.

Bathtub transfer systems

This type of chair is designed for people who can’t get into or out of the bathtub without help. The most common ones are a long plank with handles on either side that sits across the bath and has two angled legs that fold down to provide support when bathers step onto it.

Some models also come equipped with a detachable seat, so they’re easier to clean; this makes them more like chairs you might have in your living room (and some people even use them as such!).

If you want one, make sure its height is adjustable because not all users will transfer themselves from floor level without assistance. This type may work better than others if you need something low enough for wheelchair access but still high enough to provide a comfortable seat.

How to adapt your bathroom for swiveling bath seat

  • Use a low-level toilet seat, or put something soft under the floor. Your swiveling bath seats can’t stand up on their own (unless they’re specifically designed for that). If your bathroom has tile floors, you may want to put down some protective mats and have extra towels at hand in case of spills.
  • Put grab bars near the tub or shower if needed. These are important because people who use these chairs need them to help get themselves into and out of the water with more difficulty than others. Grab bars also provide stability when entering and exiting from baths/showers, so it is unnecessary for someone using this chair to depend solely on family members for support. Some other safety features that could be installed include a shower seat and a non slip mat.
  • Put the toilet, sink, or bathtub in an area easily accessible from your swiveling chair. You may want to move furniture around for this purpose if it is not already conveniently situated.

Skills required to use a swivel bath seat

People who use them need the ability to transfer themselves from a wheelchair or bed onto their seat and then swivel inward until they’re facing outwards. After that, they can lower themselves into the tub. The process requires some upper-body strength as well as good balance. Still, if you’re one of those people (or know someone like that), it’s worth looking for a product that makes getting in and out easier on your shoulders – some have handles specifically designed to make moving around inside more comfortable.

If you have problems with your hands, then a swivel bath seat is not for you. They require good hand strength to grip and maneuver the handles, as well as enough arm movement so that you can push your weight around while leaning on the outside of the tub behind you or onto a bar-mounted near where it’s safe to enter.

People who have difficulties with their hands may need someone else to help them safely use this type of showering aid.

In terms of maintaining equilibrium, most people find they have a tiny problem using these seats after a few weeks and develop more confidence in their stability when seated than they had before then – but be aware that if you’re recovering from an injury/surgery or elderly, there will always be some risk involved because of the difficulty of maintaining balance in these situations.

  • Must have the ability to seat themselves & stand up or must be able to move laterally from wheelchair to the bath/shower seat
  • Need ability to raise feet/legs up and over the tubside wall
  • Must also be able to swivel, pivot and/or glide the seat independently or with caregiver assistance

Bath safety

Bath safety is of the utmost importance. Make sure you are correctly seated on your swiveling bath seat and not slipping off the back when standing up using a stool or similar object for security.

Always make sure that you’re sitting on your swiveling bath seat correctly. You want the chair to be positioned so that it’ll easily slide back and forth but also stay in place when you lean against the wall or a shower head without any movement.

When using one of these chairs, sit towards the front edge of the seat with your feet touching either side of the tub floor while resting them against a stool for security. This will help keep from slipping off and prevent much water runoff into an adjacent product like shampoo or soap, which can lead to contamination if not cleaned properly! Make sure nothing is blocking under your feet before standing up out of position because this could cause some serious injuries! And lastly, don’t forget to remove the chair from your tub and rinse it off after use.

And lastly, don’t forget to remove your chair from your tub after use and rinse it off with soap and water for sanitation purposes!


Getting the right swivel bath seat for your needs can be challenging. The first step is deciding what kind of chair you want – do you need back support, or will one without a back suffice? Then, think about how often and in which situations you’ll use it; this should help narrow down the options. Once that’s done, there are many more factors to consider based on your specific needs and personal preference- like height from floor to top of bathtub rim, width between arms on side supports, and whether or not armrests are needed. All these questions may seem overwhelming at first, but once they’re answered correctly by picking out the best option for your situation and lifestyle, buying an appropriate seat won’t pose a problem.