How To Get Started And What To Expect

The Administrator, the VIP, and invited members of your private social Circle will be guided by detailed steps during the setup process for creating and building your Circle. Please contact us if you experience any problems or have any questions while setting up your circle.

  • The first person to begin building the Circle will be the Administrator.
  • The Administrator downloads the app and then creates a new account.
  • The Administrator designates and then invites the VIP.
  • The app is downloaded and set up on the VIP's tablet.
  • The Administrator invites other Users to join the Circle using a special Invite PIN.
  • Users will download the app to join the Circle the Administrator created.
  • Start sending photos and messages to the VIP!

Suggestions to Get the Most out of HiLois

  • Larger VIP tablets seem to enhance the experience.
  • When time allows, take a look at the help section.
  • The more pictures and messages the VIP receives, the more life is experienced together.
  • Invite into your circle anyone you feel the VIP would like to hear from.
  • Grandchildren, especially, are cherished by their grandparents - who enjoys using social media more than them?
  • Some users have found keeping the tablet plugged in ensures the VIP won't miss any messages if the battery needs to to be recharged.
  • If the VIP spends a lot of time in a wheelchair, there are many mounting options like these available.
  • If the VIP is in bed the majority of time, there are many mounting options like these available.
  • The VIP may find a tablet stand is helpful. Here are some options.

Get Help

We want everyone to experience all the HiLois has to offer. Have questions? Just drop us a line.

HiLois on Google Play

Currently available on iOS and Android platforms.

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