Stove locks work by preventing stove doors from opening. The stove lock will either attach to the stove hinges or to a wall-mounted bracket and act as an additional ‘lock’ when engaged. The stove lock will either attach to the stove hinges or a wall-mounted bracket and act as an additional ‘lock’ when engaged. There are three main types: magnetic, keyed, and combination locks. Magnetic stove locks use magnets that slide between two metal strips on the door. The stove lock will automatically release when the stove is turned off. Keyed stove locks use a key to turn a screw that releases or engages the stove door. Combination stove locks are very similar in operation to magnetic stove locks, but they require entering a unique code for each new time you want to access them.

Stove locks are a great safety addition for dementia patients. Stove accidents can lead to severe injuries, including burns and asphyxiation from inhaling stove fumes or cooking oil vapor. One of the most common causes of death among individuals with dementia is fire-related incidents! Stove locks help prevent stove-related injuries.

There are two main benefits to stove locks for dementia patients and caregivers: preventing stove accidents and providing a sense of independence. Stove locks allow individuals with dementia to feel more independent when cooking without the worry of burning themselves or forgetting how many minutes it took to cook food in the past. As stove locks are relatively inexpensive, stove locks provide a sense of security without the huge cost that comes with installing safety features in your home.

Stove Locks and Stove Shut-Off Devices

Stove locks are relatively inexpensive, so they’re an excellent investment for the safety of your home and stove.

The best stove lock is keyed stove locks because it requires keys to use, making it more difficult for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s to engage them accidentally. The top stove lock brands include Safety Turtle Magnetic Lock System Stove Lock, Safety Turtle Magnetic Lock System Stove Guard, and the Keyed stove lock from Wasserstrom.

Wasserstrom keyed stove locks are easy to install on a stove’s hinges or wall mount bracket with two screws per stove door hinge. They work by using a screw that is tightened and released by turning it clockwise then counterclockwise. If stove locks are not an option, stove shut-off devices like childproof stove knobs or stove knob covers can work as alternatives!

FireAvert Stove Fire Prevention Lock

Protecting your home has never been easier! The FireAvert Stove Lock is an easy-to-install solution for fire prevention. Your stove’s power plugs into this device, and if smoke is detected, the fuse inside will be automatically cut off before a flame can form. With smoke detectors being so popular now, it’s no wonder that these little lifesavers are gaining traction nationwide. But don’t worry – you can also plug in your existing detector to monitor both sides of the package!

  • an easy-to-install
  • automatically cut off if smoke is detected
  • could be too bulky for some stoves
  • you need to have a smoke detector


Stove Stoppaz

The length of the Stove Stoppaz allows you to cover up most cooking burners and control knobs. This protects pets and the elderly or even yourself from accidentally turning on a gas stovetop or electric oven by stepping on the wrong switch. Plus, their beautifully designed black and stainless steel design looks fantastic in any kitchen!

  • with top or front-mounted controls
  • work for both gas and electric stoves
  • expertly engineered design
  • suitable for the elderly, but not for kids – they could quickly put it off
Knob Stopper

It’s a knob that can’t be turned on by accident. Put it on, and turn your stove to the off position—The Knob Stopper will make sure it stays there! No more worries or wondering if you left things hot when you went out. When you get back, your kitchen is always safe from accidental fires.

  • easy to install
  • the silicon provides an excellent silent shock absorber
  • hard to install in a brand new stove
Vadiff Silicone Gas Stove Child Safety Knob Locks

Protect your family and pets from turning on the stove or oven with these clever locks. Unique silicone design protects small hands from getting burned while adding a stylish look to your kitchen. Customizable for knobs that are hard to remove, as well as for those that can’t be removed at all without ruining the stove’s look in other ways – simply tuck them discreetly behind the knob when you’re cooking. Vadiff is your best option to keep up safety standards in any kitchen!

  • for all size knobs
  • unique silicone design
  • knobs are hard to remove
  • interferes with opening the oven door
Jool Baby Clear Stove Knob Covers

Jool Baby Clear Stove Knob Covers were explicitly designed to fit most stove knobs and keep them safe from burns. The design of the covers is clear so they will blend in with any décor without altering your kitchen style. Quickly install or remove these coated, rust-resistant, durable knob covers with an easy hinged lid for adult access.

  • fit for anything up to 2.5 inches wide and 1.75 inches high
  • blend in with any décor
  • an easy-to-use hinged lid
  • covers are so large that they hang down significantly. These covers make it difficult for you to open or close the stove door
SimpleTouch Auto Shut-Off

The SimpleTouch Auto Shut-Off is a necessary upgrade from the regular wall timer switch to more energetically mindful living. This shut-off has options for time frames, so you can choose exactly how long your electronics have on before shutting them down alone. It also offers safety in mind, protecting if something isn’t plugged into it properly or doesn’t work (possibly shock and fire hazard).

This product is perfect for anyone attempting an at-home green project with hopes of saving energy costs. When using this product, “energy savings” should be a constant reminder that keeps everything running smoothly – and eventually means paying less!

  • save money on your energy bills
  • has options for time frames
  • anyone can use it
  • some customers find it difficult to turn it off

Wallflower Smart Monitor for electric stoves for dementia patients

Wallflower Smart Monitor for electric stoves for dementia patients

The Wallflower Smart Monitor for an electric stove is a device that will turn off the stove if it’s not safe. The device will monitor that your stove is turned off all night and all day long. 

Wallflower can be used in any home, commercial or industrial space with an electric stove. The monitor has three different levels of security, so you’re always sure your stove won’t get turned on when you don’t want it to.

The Wall Flower Smart Monitor ensures safer use for any device that needs 220 volts, such as an electric stove; all other smart plugs are only 110 volts which causes safety concerns when using a stove.

  • turn off the stove if it’s not safe
  • causes safety concerns
  • only for an electric stove

Baba Mate Clear View Safety Stove & Oven Knobs

Baba Mate Clear View Safety Stove & Oven Knobs

The device helps prevents dementia patients accidentally from turning stove and oven controls. Simply place these durable, clear plastic covers over your existing stove knobs, and they won’t be able to turn the temperature up or down. A hinged lid lets adults open the cover and use the stove without removing any of the locks. You’ll no longer have to worry about burns or house fires.

  • clear covers
  • is made of durable, heat resistant material
  • has 3M tape, which makes the product almost unbreakable
  • hard to open the cover
Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers-2 Packs of 5

The high-quality safety of your home is paramount in the care you provide to any people living with or visiting. Long gone are the days when stoves were stacks of coal and campfires, which put everyone in danger from stovetop flare-ups. Now we have modern marvels that can ignite natural gas to produce great amounts of heat, just like a blowtorch on steroids!

  • high-quality material
  • universal design
  • the cover comes with grips on either side that securely attaches to the center
  • sometimes covers interfere with the oven door

Eudemon Clear Kitchen Stove Knob Covers

Eudemon Clear Kitchen Stove Knob Covers

Eudemon: Clear Kitchen Stove Knob Covers is a 3M VHB adhesive tape for a set of knob covers. It uses the push-through installation and the 3M VHB sticker every 24 hours to maintain its adhesion, protecting your knobs from scratches.

  • have an easy installation process without drilling into the space
  • the design is great because there are no hinges-just strong viscous 3M VHB adhesives that would last for days without coming off or scratching anything
  • the completely transparent design makes it look like you didn’t even change anything about your cooking space
  • not for the large stove knobs
Simple Touch C30004 The Original Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet, Multi Setting

The C30004 is an easy-to-use outlet that automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity. It’s perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms, offices, and apartments with limited outlets. With one touch, the power goes on, and with another, it turns off.

It also has a convenient timer that can be set for up to 4 hours, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something and wasting electricity.

  • quiet and neighbor-friendly
  • compact and lightweight
  • automatically shut off when it’s not in use
  • it generates heat and is warm to the touch


How to install a stove lock?

Stove locks are relatively easy to install. Simply remove the stove’s stove door by loosening or removing screws and then installing stove lock on hinges with two screws per hinge.

When is the best time to install a new stove lock or remove an old one?

It’s best to install stove locks prior to moving into the new home. This will only take a few hours and can save you from being stuck with stove locks installed on hinged doors, which are impossible to remove without damaging them.

The stove lock is typically in place for about six months before it’s removed, but the sooner you remove an old stove lock, the better. If a stove needs to be replaced, removing the stove lock earlier can make installation easier.

– When people are elderly and forgetful or have a cognitive impairment, they may not remember that their stove lock is in place. For stove locks attached to a stove, if you need to remove the stove (for instance, because it’s not working), you will have to take out the stove lock before doing so.


Will stove locks work on all stove types?

Stove locks will work on any stove type, as long as there is a way to install the stove lock in place.

It’s important when installing stove locks that you have enough space for their length and width, so they don’t interfere with other things around them (i.e., oven door).

Drawbacks of using a stove lock

Stove locks can be complicated for individuals with dementia to use at first. Stove locks require a switch from stove-to-oven cooking, which is not as familiar or intuitive as stovetop cooking. However, stove lock manufacturers recommend teaching the individual how to use their stove lock before moving into your home, which will make it easier in the future. Stove locks also require a level of manual dexterity that may not be present in the individual with dementia. Some stove locks can cause difficulties for individuals using mobility aids such as crutches or walkers.  Stove locks can also be confusing for stove-to-oven cooking.


Stove locks are ideal for people with dementia or cognitive impairment. They can be used to protect someone from accidentally using the stove and getting burned by a hot element, as well as protecting children who may come in contact with stove knobs without understanding what they do. Stove locks also help prevent animals such as cats or dogs, opening stove doors and burning themselves on stove elements.