Do you suffer from lower back pain or discomfort? Have you ever considered installing a shower standing handle to help alleviate the pressure on your body while taking a long hot shower? Read this article for more information about this product and how it can help.

A shower standing handle is an adjustable aluminum pole that you install yourself in your shower to provide a sturdy place for the user to grip and hold. The idea behind it is simple, but useful: By providing more options for where the person using the bathroom can position their hands while taking a hot bath or shower, they can avoid putting stress on particular areas of their body which may be causing them pain. This tool will allow people with limited mobility easier access into and out of the tub/shower and also allows those who need stability when bathing use this item as well without fear of slipping due to wet floors. Some models come with suction cups attached so users don’t always have to rely on friction between their hand and the pole; however, always ensure the suction cups are securely attached to avoid falling.

Anyone who has a need for extra stability in the shower can benefit from this product. People recovering from an injury or surgery, those with arthritis, and elderly individuals are just some of the people who may find it helpful to have access to something they can use as leverage when entering/exiting the tub. Those with limited mobility will also enjoy having this tool; however, always consult your doctor before using any device like this if you suffer from health issues such as heart conditions or high blood pressure because additional stress on these areas could cause problems.

Shower standing handles models

Moen R8960FD 30-Inch Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar

This Moen grab bar has a 30-inch length with non slip rubber grips. The rust proof design and included mounting hardware make it easy to install in either new or existing bathrooms without worry of corrosion over time (helpful for those who live near the ocean). It comes in an elegant brushed nickel finish which matches many bathroom styles perfectly, but there are also other finishes available if you’re not looking for something so shiny/modern .

The product weighs just under four pounds when completely assembled which means that most people should be able to lift and position it into place on their own; however, some elderly patients will need additional help from caregiver because they don’t have full range of motion with their hands anymore due to arthritis or other medical conditions.

It’s a great product overall with lots of positive reviews from customers who have purchased and used it in their homes, but be aware that one customer did report experiencing some issues when installing the bar into her tile shower because she wasn’t able to get all of it leveled properly before tightening everything down (because you can see this problem more easily on tiles than you would if installed onto drywall).

  • Non slip rubber grips
  • Rust proof design
  • Elegant brushed nickel finish
  • Not safe for installation in showers with tile walls
Seachrome Bathroom Grab Bar, Wall to Floor Stainless Steel Swing Away Grab Bar

This Seachrome shower grab bar is made of stainless steel (and has a small amount of plastic in some areas) and comes with mounting hardware which makes it easy to install. It’s also adjustable, making this model ideal for use by people who are different heights or have mobility issues that affect their strength/range of motion; however, you must remember that the product does come with an instruction manual so be sure to read through it completely before beginning installation yourself.

The overall design looks similar to other products on the market but there are quite a few differences worth mentioning too: firstly, just because this company decided not to include non slip rubber grips doesn’t mean that your hands don’t have enough traction when gripping onto this product: the handle is designed with small ridges that offer a bit of extra grip and if you’re worried about slipping or sliding then this product might not be for you.

Also, while it’s always best to avoid using tools such as drill bits when possible (especially when working around water), Seachrome does include an installation template in the box; however, their customer service department wasn’t able to confirm whether or not they would replace your purchase if drilling caused any damage so please keep that in mind before beginning installation.

  • The product is adjustable and can be installed at different heights
  • The model also features a swing away design which makes it easy to use or move around as needed (the handle swings back up once you let go of the grip).
  • This Seachrome shower standing handle doesn’t include non slip rubber grips.
Amazon Basics Grab Bar, 36-Inch, Stainless Steel

This Amazon Basics grab bar is a full-length product designed to be installed in showers or other wet areas and also comes with the necessary mounting hardware for installation. It’s made of stainless steel but does have a small amount of plastic throughout (in some key spots) which makes it easier to install, take apart if needed, and clean when required; however, just because this model doesn’t use much plastic doesn’t mean that you can completely forget about it: while all models must meet certain minimum requirements set by law before being sold in stores nationwide, there are no guarantees so please keep that in mind too.

The model itself looks similar to others on the market but has one major difference worth mentioning: unlike many brands who only include two screw holes per side, this model allows for four screw holes on each part (a total of eight) which makes it easier to attach onto most surfaces. While that might not sound like much, you’ll understand why I mention it when looking at the photos below:

Another great feature about this product is its non-slip textured surface with ribbed design; while many options include some sort of texture pattern (which helps prevent falls), only high quality products will be able to keep their grip even after years in wet environments and/or with heavy use over time – something worth considering if you need a long term solution.

  • Easy installation process (two screws on each side)
  • Easily attaches onto most surfaces/walls
  • Plastic can break over time
Moen R8924P Home Care 24-Inch Concealed Screw Bath Safety Bathroom Grab Bar

The Moen R8924P Home Care concealed screw grab bar is not only the best selling model on Amazon but also one of the most reliable models money can buy: even though it’s priced similarly to other products, this full-length product uses much more metal than plastic (which makes it stronger) and has a higher grade finish which means that you’ll get years of use out of this shower standing handle. While there are many great features about this model – including its sturdy construction, included all important mounting hardware, sleek design with textured sidewalls for extra grip, etc. – the best feature is definitely its universal design which, combined with quick and easy installation, makes it a perfect choice for any bathroom layout.

The Moen R8924P Home Care concealed screw grab bar has an overall length of 24 inches (including the mounting hardware) so you should be able to easily find space on even larger bathrooms. While this shower standing handle can hold up to 300 pounds, we recommend that only individuals who weigh less than 200 pounds use it as their sole support since pulling or pushing too much weight may break or damage it overtime.

  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy construction with a great finish and high grade metal
  • Universal design, sleek textured sidewall for extra grip
  • None worth mentioning.
Moen LR2356DCH Home Care 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Bath Safety Grab Bar

The Moen LR2356DCH Home Care 16-inch chrome curved shower standing handle with a built-in shelf is one of the most versatile options available on Amazon: it’s made by a trusted brand, has great features and benefits including sleek textured sidewalls for extra grip, sturdy construction with high grade metal to hold up even under heavy use, etc., but its best feature is definitely the fact that you can choose from two different lengths (16 or 24 inches) as well as between having your grab bar installed straight or going around an angled corner.

If you’re looking for something more specific – say if you need a full length product instead of only half length – then we recommend that you check out our other reviews since they cover most of the popular options available on Amazon.

The fact that you can choose between both length and curvature makes this model very versatile; it’s designed for comfort, but also to work with many different types of showers. The quality is outstanding – from its sturdy construction to its sleek design so there won’t be any issues with slipping or balance problems when using your shower standing handle bars.

  • Free shipping
  • Two length options available: 16 and 24 inches
  • Curved or straight installation possible.
  • Longer bars may not fit into smaller showers if installed horizontally.
SAFETY+BEAUTY 16.5in Suction Bath Grab Bar

The Safety+Beauty 16.25 inch metal shower standing handle with suction cups is another good option if you’re looking for a full-length bar; it comes in silver and grey, has extra strong vacuum suction cup bases which hold up to 50 pounds each (a total of 100 pounds at the moment of installation) – making them one of our top recommendations on Amazon – as well as non-slip textured surface that provides added grip even when wet.

They are designed with safety features like built-in levelers so they can be installed horizontally or vertically without worrying about slipping or tipping over. Also, their curved shape makes them very comfortable to use since you won’t have any sharp edges digging into your skin while guiding yourself in and out of the shower.

The bar is made from rustproof stainless steel that’s easy to clean: you can use a soap-soaked sponge, dishwasher or even bleach if needed (although we recommend using mild cleaning agents whenever possible). It measures 16.25 inches long by 0.75 inch wide by 0.625 inch thick; weighs 12 ounces and comes with limited lifetime warranty for any defects related to material or craftsmanship issues (including suction cups) – which shows how much the manufacturers believe in their product quality!

  • Universal design: this shower standing handle fits almost any standard bathtub or shower (please check the detailed product description for more information)
  • Comes in two color options: silver and grey; both look elegant enough to match most bathroom decors without clashing with your existing decorating theme
  • Strong suction cups that can hold up to 100 pounds of weight at a time – making them one of the sturdiest models on the market today
  • The vacuum base may lose its grip if not installed properly or when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures so we recommend always double checking their tightness before using them.
LEVERLOC Shower Safety Grab Bar Suction Cup Handle

The Leverloc Shower Safety Grab Bar is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a full-length handle with suction cup base – which, by the way, comes in white and blue. It’s made from rustproof chrome stainless steel material that can hold up to 240 pounds of weight at once (which makes it one of our top recommendations on Amazon) and has self locking double vacuum cups that secure firmly onto smooth surfaces such as tiles, fiberglass or even painted walls without leaving any residue marks when removed after use.

Due to its length, the handle is extra-safe and reliable – you can reach any distance of your shower without too much trouble. Another thing that I personally think makes this product stand out from other similar models on the market is its ergonomic design. It fits comfortably in my hand (although some users suggest it’s a little bit difficult to get used to) which means there are no worries about slipping or falling down while using it! The Leverloc Shower Safety Grab Bar comes with an instruction manual but setting up isn’t complicated at all – just follow simple steps shown in pictures provided by manufacturer and you’re ready go within minutes after delivery arrives at your doorstep!

  • Easy to install (no drilling or screwing needed)
  • Solid suction cups that don’t leave any residue marks on tiles, fiberglass and painted walls
  • Ergonomic design for extra comfort ​and safety
  • Slightly curved handles may be difficult to hold onto if you have arthritis in your hands

Shower standing handle buying guide

How easy is it to install the product?

Some models are very simple and require no tools for installation, while others might need a professional if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself.

What materials is the handle made of?

Metal or rubber covered aluminum can provide more grip when standing which will be helpful for those with arthritis or other conditions that cause pain in hands/wrists.

Is there suction cups attached to end of pole?

This feature provides extra security by allowing users to rest their feet on them as they stand rather than only rely on friction from handholds. If you have trouble getting around without falling because your balance isn’t good, this option could make using the tub much safer secure feeling even though someone else is in there with you.

Is handle height adjustable?

This feature can be helpful for people who are taller/shorter than average because it gives them the option to adjust to their preferred level instead of being forced into a predetermined distance. If your legs aren’t long enough, then this might not be an issue; however, if you find yourself almost standing on tip toes when showering or bathing and need more space between feet and tub floor, look for models that allow users to change where they stand so they don’t have to worry about discomfort while getting clean.

What additional features does the product offer besides security?

Some handles come in sets which include other items like suction cups (for extra grip), removable headrests, removable flanges for hand-held shower capabilities, or other useful accessories that can make bathing more enjoyable.

Shower standing handle types

Fixed Shower Standing Handles

The fixed shower standing handle is attached to the wall of your bathroom and usually comes with rubber pads on the bottom so it doesn’t slip while in use. These types are very easy to install, but can be more expensive than other models because they require professional installation, though some users have reported being able to do it themselves without too much difficulty.

Removable Shower Standing Handles

Removable shower standing handles are usually made of aluminum and come with suction cups attached to the ends. These types can be placed anywhere in your bathroom, or even outside if you have a small pool or jacuzzi tub that could benefit from added stability when getting out. It is easy for one person to install by themselves because they don’t require professional help like their fixed counterparts do.

Shower standing handle benefits

  • Users can apply friction to the pole with their hands rather than relying on suction cups alone
  • The handle itself is usually covered in a soft rubber material that won’t cause discomfort when gripping it
  • Installs easily and quickly, no tools required; however, professionals are available if you get stuck or need assistance.
  • Provides an adjustable height so users don’t have to worry about standing too high/low while bathing. This product provides more options for people who struggle with getting into the bathtub without assistance because they aren’t limited by where they place this tool within their bathroom since it’s portable and not attached permanently like other models.
  • It makes exiting the tub much easier for those suffering from arthritis or injuries which limits movement of certain areas of their body.
  • Suction cups can be used in conjunction with friction from the pole to provide a more secure grip when standing, reducing fear of falling. If you have balance problems or are unsteady on your feet, this product will give you an extra measure of security which is always welcome when bathing.
  • Allows for easier transfer from wheelchair into bathtub or shower because it provides a place where aide can easily hold onto while helping patient move safely and securely without slipping off wet surfaces in bathroom/shower area
  • It’s great for those recovering from surgery who need additional stability when entering/exiting tubs during healing process; however, consult doctor before using if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart conditions.

How to install the shower standing handle

  • Choose a location to install the handle. This can be on any surface that’s sturdy and won’t move/shift while you’re standing: tiles, porcelain tubs, fiberglass shower walls; however, enamel or plastic surfaces should only have handles installed by professionals because they could permanently damage their finish if not done correctly.
  • Remove protective paper from adhesive backing of suction cups (if present) and attach them securely to chosen area before installing product. Make sure there is no dirt or debris in holders so it will adhere properly when pressed into place for several minutes.
  • Position handle against wall at desired height then press onto suction cup end-caps until it clicks indicating it has been secured successfully (this may require some force).

Frequently asked questions

What should I consider when buying a shower standing handle?

Size. Consider your height and the size of the person who will be using it before you buy a certain model to ensure both people can use it easily. Also, make sure that there is enough room for movement so you don’t bump into anything while in the shower! The width of each handle should also be considered along with length because if one side feels too cramped then they might not feel safe or comfortable.

What are some benefits of having a stand-up shower handle?

There are many reasons why someone would want to have this type of installation from comfortability to safety purposes for those who may need assistance bathing due to injury, illness or age related conditions. Some people may not feel comfortable bathing without additional support while others need help with balance.

What are some things to watch out for?

It is important to choose a handle that has good suction cups because if the suction cup doesn’t adhere well then it might slip or fall off while you’re using it which could cause injury and damage your shower wall. Also, make sure they have an adjustable height feature so both adults and children can use them easily!


If you have a physical disability, chronic illness or injury that makes it difficult to stand while showering, then installing a standing handle is the best solution. It will allow you to enjoy an easier and more comfortable bathing experience without having to worry about slipping and sliding on your feet in the tub. There are many types of handles available for installation, so be sure to research which type would work well for your personal needs before making any purchase decisions. We’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide with all of our top picks from different companies.