Our Story

A few years ago our founder, Brett, learned his mother, Lois, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Lois lived in Florida while Brett, his two brothers, and their families lived in various part of the country. Meaningful communication became increasingly difficult as so many other families have discovered who deal with this horrific disease. Brett experienced increasingly challenging issues with communications but also worried she may begin to forget her sons and family.

There had to be a better way. Using standard, affordable technology, Brett believed it would be possible to create a way to share life’s moments with his mother despite the challenges she faced. HiLois was born.

Brett reached out to his friend, David, a technology expert. Together they built an app allowing Lois to see photos and messages from afar. They have created a solution that can help the millions of families who experience the challenges associated with loved ones who are feeling disconnected, geographically isolated, or lonely. Even those with cognitive challenges such as Alzheimer's are able to enjoy shared experiences and memories through the HiLois app.

Lois now lives near her youngest son but still states away from the other siblings. But now, she can see photos every day from her family – right in her living room without her having to do anything.

Experience Life. Together.

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Currently available on iOS and Android platforms.

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