Great Gift Idea for Elderly Parents: HiLois on a tablet

HiLois Gift Idea for Elderly Parents

What to get the aging parent who has everything? This holiday season, why not help your parents stay in touch with the gift of technology and HiLois.  HiLois, the app for seniors, turns any iPad or Android tablet into an interactive photo frame. The younger generation can share photos and messages in a family social circle that is safe for the elderly. HiLois is the opposite of Facebook; instead of  an ad-ridden, complex online domain, HiLois is simple and secure. Just the family communicates with ‘dad’.

  • For about $100, you can purchase an Android tablet for mom/dad – an iPad is quite a bit more.
  • Or use one of your older devices you have in that drawer.
  • Download HiLois to your phone.
  • Download HiLois to your parent’s iPad. From your phone invite your family members to join your elder parent’s social circle.
  • Help your parent set up HiLois with a stand in a central area of their home.
  • Share photos and messages as easily as a text message.
  • Configure it remotely as needed.
  • If mom/dad want to, they can use the tablet for other things, when not in use, it’s a connected, changing photo frame – how cool.
  • HiLois is free up to 30 posts per month, then just 20 cents for each additional post.

HiLois Logo

Add HiLois to the tablet for your parents as a thoughtful, logical gift.

HiLois on Google Play

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