Emerging Technologies for an Emerging Demographic

The latest census figures show that due to declining birth rates and increased longevity, adults over 65 are gaining a lion’s share of the country’s demographic makeup. The number of people over age 65 is projected to almost double over the next two decades.

Some big tech companies have entered the aging market with new devices. But many of these devices and features are simply adaptive uses of the same products. Seniors serve as secondary customers, rather than the primary target market.

There’s always the perception that older adults don’t like technology, but that’s not true according to this article. What they don’t like is an app designed for a 25-year-old by a 25-year-old, with maybe slightly larger font. It’s not a matter of just taking something that was designed for somebody else and adding a different UI and expecting them to learn how to use it. The HiLois app is a technology designed specifically for older adults, even those with cognitive challenges.

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