Great Gift Idea for Elderly Parents: HiLois

HiLois is all about helping the elderly stay connected and here’s a great gift idea for elderly parents.

With many aging adults we find staying in touch to be a challenge. The youngest generation embraces texting and photo sharing to communicate. Yet, the elderly can often feel left out.

HiLois Gift Idea for Elderly Parents

This holiday season, why not help your parents stay in touch with the gift of technology and HiLois. HiLois, the app for seniors, turns any iPad into an interactive photo frame. The youngest generation can share photos and more in a family social circle that is safe for the elderly.

  • Try purchasing an IPad or Android device new or used at any online outlet such as Amazon or Best Buys.
  • Send the device to yourself for setup.
  • Download HiLois to your phone.
  • Download HiLois to your parent’s iPad. From your phone invite your family members to join your elder parent’s social circle.
  • Help your parent set up HiLois with a stand in a central area of their home.
  • Share regularly




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