Aging and technology: Digital games improve seniors’ health, SFU research finds

Many studies are drawing a link between feelings of social isolation, loneliness and depression. However, technology instead of increasing isolation can be used as a tool to address it.

Good news is that Seniors are the fastest growing group of computer users today. And playing games on an iPad or console is now thought to possibly have positive health benefits according to some research below.


Aging and technology: Digital games improve seniors’ health, SFU research finds

Playing gameAging and technology: Digital games improve seniors\' health, SFU research findss on an iPad or console is sometimes painted as a waste of time, but according to research out of Simon Fraser University, digital games can bring big health benefits to seniors.

David Kaufman, who led the SFU research team, found there are benefits across the board from promoting mental stimulation to helping senior make friends.

“We’re focusing not only on slowing down the mental decline but we’re focusing on what we call social connectedness,” Kaufman said.

“We know that for seniors, that is a critical thing.” …He’s presenting his research at the 2018 AGE-WELL conference this week in Vancouver which brings together Canadian experts on aging and technology.

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