Best Apps for Seniors

We like to share helpful reviews of the best apps for seniors. Seniors do seem to be embracing technology in droves as the article states. However, our research shows firsthand how difficult a lot of apps and technologies can be.

As part of our beta testing, we’ve been participating in tech helper groups at local retirement homes. We’ve had a blast meeting the residents and helping them with their tech questions. Plus, we also get a chance to demo for them HiLois and what we’re working on as well.

Over and over, we see poor interfaces and confusing directions which can stymie the non-tech-native older generations. But some apps are very useful.

Here’s a round-up of helpful apps from A Place for Mom.

Best Apps for Seniors

Best Apps for Seniors

Seniors are embracing technology in droves. According to the Pew Research Center , 67% of seniors age 65 and older use the Internet and 42% own smartphones today. Apps for smartphones or iPads can make life easier and more interesting . But with tens of thousands of apps on […]

The 21 Best Apps for Seniors

I’ve done the work for you. Here are the 21 best apps for seniors, whether they’re for entertainment, health or are just plain useful.

Download these apps from the App store on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet:

The 9 Most Useful Apps for Seniors

These apps are meant to make life easier:

1. AARP Now App (free)

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