AARP Report on Connected Living for Social Aging

Social AgingHere at HiLois, we know that people love to stay connected. In fact, many studies show that it leads to better health.

People have a need to communicate and stay engaged with work, family, friends, and peers. This has been increasing adoption of enabling technologies like cell phones and social networking sites. While usage among adults aged 50+ is accelerating, tech vendors and designers could reach more of this market by adopting the principles identified in the new AARP report: Connected Living for Social Aging: Designing Technology for All, researched by Laurie M. Orlov, founder and Principal Analyst of market research firm Aging in Place Technology Watch.

The report’s insights about the required attributes of technology products that are designed for all are based on interviews with thirty experts drawn from companies like Intel, Philips, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, and Google as well as research and industry experts from Forrester, UCLA, Georgia Tech, USC, and Carnegie Mellon.

AARP Report on Connected Living for Social Aging; Design for All

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