6 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for a Memory Care Facility or Nursing Home

The decision to help your older adult move into a memory care facility is never easy, no matter how beautiful the facility and how kind the caregivers. Every family will have to make this decision on their own.

From wandering to aggressive behavior, the Alzheimer’s Reading Room covers some indicators that may help you decide.

Either way, great care can be provided at home or at a facility. At HiLois, we believe that making time for the human connection is what matters most.

Here’s a great article from the Alzheimer’s Reading Room.

alzheimer's careThere are a long list of reasons why you might have to place your loved one in a nursing home or long term care memory facility.

Let me start by making this clear – it is not your fault. It is not your fault that your loved one is living with dementia. I know from talking with caregivers that many blame themselves. They live with enormous stress, guilt, and often fall into a deep sadness or depression.

No on can operate effectively under those conditions. The pressure of caring can cause sleep deprivation, disrupt eating, and cause patterns that are likely to get worse including poor physical health for the caregiver.

When this happens you really have no choice. It time for nursing home care for your loved. Don’t blame yourself. Make the good and right decision for your loved one.

In addition, the kinds of issues I am describing above might make you resentful of your loved one. Don’t blame them either – it is not their fault.

1. Wandering….

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