Finding reliable and proven effective non-slip bath mats for the elderly might seem confusing at first. By researching some of the better shower mats for elderly patients and family members beforehand, the consumer is better prepared to select the one that ideally meets their specific needs.

It is estimated that up to 1 in every 3 elderly individuals will sustain a fall. This is especially true when seniors are in the bathroom. Wet floors and dimmed lighting can make bathrooms a dangerous place for those in their golden years.

All seniors and/or their caregivers need to be diligent regarding home safety to prevent hazardous falls. Special attention should be given to the bathrooms in the home as this space is where most elder falls occur according to emergency first-responders and emergency room staff.

There are many things that can be done to prevent those dangerous and frightening falls from ever becoming a reality that all elderly citizens or their regular caregivers should perform. These measures can help to safeguard the person while bathing, showering or attending to personal needs like shaving.

Non slip shower mats for seniors models

Read on for some reviews on the best bath mat products available at stores and online via Amazon or elsewhere. These products offer added safety and security when used appropriately in the bathroom setting. All seniors and caregivers should seriously consider purchasing one to keep every senior in your home or other living facility safe from preventable bathroom falls.

Vdomus Anti-Slip Microfiber Soft Shag Bath Mat/Rug 32″ x 20″ Grey by Vdomus

This impressive and super-comfortable large machine-washable extra absorbent bath mat/rug is non-slip for added security and safety in the bathroom. Many consider this among the best non slip shower mat for seniors currently available on the market today.

Unlike ordinary bathroom rugs or mats, this version boasts a non-slip/skid backing that keeps this mat firmly and securely in place to help prevent dangerous falls in the bathroom. The superb shag fibers are luxuriously soft on tender feet, and this bathroom mat is ideal for families that have kids and seniors using the same bathrooms.

This product comes in lovely grey shade that is a terrific neutral hue that also hides any dirt tracked in from younger children playing outside. It is remarkably easy to clean by throwing it into the wash, and the stay-dry technology promotes quick drying properties so important in the bath.

  • Amazingly Effective Non-Skid Backing Keeps Seniors & Kids Safe from Sipping
  • Dries Quickly to Avoid Mildew/Mold
  • Soft on Tender Feet
  • Durable for Long-Term Use
  • Fully Machine Washable for Added Convenience
  • Comes in Attractive Colors like This Grey Hue
  • Fluffy Shag Helps Dry Wet Feet
  • Some Consumers Desired a Larger Mat
  • Follow All Wash Instructions Carefully & Never Put in Dryer – Air Dry Instead
Gorilla Grip XL Rectangular Machine Washable Non-Slip Bath/Shower/Tub Antibacterial Plastic, BPA & Phthalate Free Mats /w Drain Holes (Clear) by Gorilla Grip

When consumers are searching for the very best non skid bath mat for elderly individuals, they often settle on this terrific product. Users will surely appreciate the antibacterial qualities of this free from Plastic, phthalates and BPA safety mat for the bath, and the simple clear hue allows this product to blend in with any style of bathroom decor.

Seniors that choose this anti-slip bath/shower mat will be pleased with the smaller holes throughout the mat that keep any water drained and circulating out again which helps prevent mildew and/or mold growth from occurring in the first place. Large suction-cups keep this bathtub/shower mat firmly in place. Consumers also have a wide selection of other beautiful colors to select from if this is desired.

  • Larger Size Gives a Wider Standing Secure Space
  • Multiple Drain Holes Throughout to Repel Mildew, Mold & Algae
  • Guaranteed Non-Slip-Skid Properties for Extra Safety in the Bathroom
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Free of Plastic, Phthalates & Harmful BPA
  • Completely Non-Toxic – No Bad Odors
  • Comes with a Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Machine Washable for Added User Convenience
  • Affordable
  • Comes in Many Great Colors
  • May Slip in Tub if Bath Oils Used
  • Won’t Adhere Well to Uneven Textured Surfaces Such as Tiles
Vive Square Large Non-Slip Shower/Bath Mat /w Drain Hole for Stalls/Floors/Tubs Textured Rubber Naturally Antibacterial, Mildew & Mold Resistant by Vive

This product has been called one of the greatest non slip bathroom rugs for elderly users, and it’s easy to see why. This design includes a built-in center drain hole that fits over a shower drain in stall showers. The back includes heavy-duty suction cups that help give this product it’s awesome non-skid properties.

This specific bath mat boasts anti-bacterial properties and repels molds and mildews from growing due to the texture surface all seniors will appreciate. This mat is 100% latex free as many seniors today have developed latex sensitivities and allergies that can be very dangerous.

  • Larger Size Gives a Wider Area for Showering/Dressing
  • Anti-Bacterial, & Provides Increased Safety in the Bath
  • Repels Mildews & Molds
  • Central Drainage Hole Keeps Water Pools from Forming on the Center of the Bath Mat
  • Able to Stay Put on Most Surfaces with Large & Effective Suction Cups on Back
  • Simple to Use & Machine Washable Too
  • Stylish for Any Bathroom Decor Type
  • While Large, Some Consumers Desire a Bigger Mat
  • When Used in a Family with Younger Children, Some Consumers Note More Dirt Build-Up
Epica Machine Washable, Anti-Slip, Anti-Bacterial Bath/Shower Mat 16″ x 28″ Natural Rubber by Epica

For those looking for that ideal bath/shower mat that remains soft and resists bacteria, molds and mildews are in luck with this fine natural rubber bath mat model by Epica. Not only is this product easy-to-wash in the washing machine, it is also revered for its impressive non-slip abilities. While some rubber bathmats are hard to keep looking fantastic, this one is made to last for a very long time.

If you are currently searching the marketplace for a cheap yet top-quality rubber bath/shower mat, this sensational model will do nicely. Although the price of this mat is remarkably affordable, the higher quality is readily apparent. This practical non slip bath mat for elderly individuals is a must-see-and-try for everyone. This specific bath and shower mat is crafted to remain comfortably pliable and soft for many years of use.

  • Affordable to All
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Repels Evidence of Mildew & Mold
  • Machine Washable
  • Remarkably Secure with Anti-Skid Backing & Suction Cup Features
  • Repels Soap & Shampoo Build-Up
  • Most Users Wish They Had Ordered More
  • Those with Latex Allergies Should Avoid This Product
FeschDesign Non-Slip/Anti-Bacterial/BPA & PVC Free/Natural Rubber Bath Tub/Shower Mat /w Original GripTight(TM) Technology (White) by FeschDesign

Another non slip shower mat for elderly use is this conveniently sized 28″ by 16″ bath/shower mat from FeschDesign Company. This model includes the original GripTight Technology (TM) that this brand is best known for. Many consumers like the simplistic design style of this mat. There is no bad odor often noted with cheaply made selections, and the mat is a cinch to keep clean and drys fast.

This white patterned bath and shower mat offers added protection for elderly individuals while they are in their bathrooms bathing/showering or dressing.

This has been named the best mat by many seniors and their caregivers. The no-fuss style still delivers exceptional non-slip action which serves to keep seniors safer while in the bath.

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • BPA & PVC Free Natural Rubber Bath Tub/Shower Mat
  • Has Original GripTight (TM) Technology for Added Security & Stability
  • Attractive White Design Blends with Any Decor Style
  • No Bad Odor
  • Easy to Clean & Dries Fast for Mold/Mildew Repellent Action
  • Simple to Use & Effective
  • Might Not Adhere Properly if Bath Oils are Used or Tub/Shower Floor Surface is Dirty, Oily or Textured

Tips for Preventing Senior Falls in the Bath

The risks for elderly individuals to fall when in their bathrooms taking care of their personal hygiene needs increase as the person ages. Older individuals that develop issues with their vision such as cataracts are even more likely to fall when in their baths.

Fortunately, there are some simple commonsense tactics that older individuals and/or their caregivers can use to keep falls from occurring in the first place. Inexpensive and non-slip bath/shower mats are a sensational choice for senior users while in the bathroom space. These items are easy to obtain, and many can be bought online from the retailer or at major shopping platforms like Amazon where these reviewed products were found.

All seniors should get rid of those old-fashioned throw rugs in their bathrooms to lessen the risks of a dangerous fall while in the bathroom dressing, showering or attending to personal care needs. Replacing those slippery rugs with anti-skid suctioned bath mats are a quick, inexpensive and highly effective way to lower fall risks substantially.

Consumers should take a little time to research what types of safety shower and bath mats are now on the market to lower and avoid problem falls that could do serious harm to elderly individuals. These mats offer terrific slip protection action, and these clever bathroom aids deliver a lot without breaking your budget.

When elder individuals do take a fall, their healing is often harder than for younger individuals. Taking firm and active steps to safeguard elders that use your bathroom is encouraged to prevent bathroom falls from ever happening.

Purchasing practical and simple-to-use bath and/or shower mats can literally save someone’s life or reduce injuries often incurred from a bathroom setting senior fall.