Do you want to buy a bariatric mobility scooter? If so, what should you look for when buying one? An excellent place to start is by reading our article about the best bariatric mobility scooters. We give you product reviews and provide useful tips on picking out the best one for your needs. Reading this will help ensure that you get the most bang for your buck!

Some people need a bariatric mobility scooter for several reasons. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Lack of strength due to conditions like arthritis or Parkinson’s disease
  • Poor balance, which can lead to falls and injuries that cause long term problems for you and your loved ones
  • A condition such as hip dysplasia makes it difficult to walk on two feet without crutches or other types of assistance equipment

Especially bariatric scooters are suitable for overweight and heavy people, and their bones can’t support them.

  • Mobility scooter is suitable for people who the doctor has told that they need to lose weight or have a health condition that makes it difficult to walk, includes joint pain, hip problems, arthritis, etc.
  • The types mentioned above of users need to use bariatric mobility scooters because they can’t walk far distances without getting tired easily. Using crutches would get tiring very fast too.

Bariatric mobility scooters models

The Maxima by Pride Mobility

The Maxima by Pride Mobility is a lightweight, heavy-duty model specially designed to aid those who need assistance walking long distances or standing up from sitting positions due to obesity and other medical conditions.

This device has an adjustable seat, so you can change it according to your preferences without getting someone else involved, which makes it easier than ever before when going outdoors with one of these types of products. Its speed goes as fast as four miles per hour, but this will be reduced slightly if more weight is placed on top due to its main purpose being used mainly for assisting individuals in their everyday lives rather than racing around large areas such as stadiums, etc.

Maxima comes with a removable battery so you can charge it up when indoors and then use it as a portable device outside the home.

The best thing about this product is that all of its features are included in one single package, which means no more spending hours or days comparing products online to find out what will fit your needs perfectly, but rather getting on with life while having extra help whenever needed without any hassles whatsoever.

Main characteristics:
  • Weight Capacity of 450 lbs.
  • Removable battery
  • Great design and color options to choose from (black, silver, etc.)
  • Lightweight
  • Removable battery
  • Easy to use and maneuver around obstacles, thanks to four small wheels on the front.
  • Only has a one-speed setting.
The Cobra GT4 by Drive Medical

The Cobra GT-P is one of the best bariatric mobility scooters for both quality and value for money because its features are similar to much more expensive brands but at only half their price.

This device has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds which means that you can use it as an everyday assistant without worrying about breaking or wearing out after just a few months of use. Its seat is contoured so you will feel comfortable with every step taken while moving around large areas such as parks. It also includes a basket on the front where users can keep items they need access to too quickly, like smartphones, wallets, etc… The removable battery in this product allows owners to take their sc wherever they go, even if there is no electricity supply available.

The best bariatric mobility scooters will be the ones that provide their owners with a great deal of flexibility and freedom when going outdoors, but at the same time won’t cost them an arm and a leg in terms of price, which is where Cobra GT-P excels above all other models out there on the market today.

Extra basket attached to the front for storing valuables or small items like groceries etc… (perfect addition if you are cooking while standing)

  • Removable battery for easy charging
  • Great design and color options to choose from (black, silver, etc.)
  • Large seat with a contoured shape so you will feel comfortable no matter where you are going.
  • Only has a one-speed setting.
The Breeze S4 by AFIKIM

The Breeze S-Series is a bariatric scooter by AFIKIM that has been designed with the heaviest of users in mind. The frame can support individuals who weigh up to 500 lbs, while its full suspension system helps ensure a comfortable ride no matter what type of terrain you’re on. It also features advanced anti-tipper technology and puncture-proof tires for safety.

It comes with two rechargeable batteries (which are good for about 15 miles per charge), as well as an AC adapter so that it will work anywhere you need to take it – which makes this one versatile choice if your home or office has different power sources available!

The Breeze S-Series is also a breeze to fold. It can be easily folded up in just under a minute, with no tools required! Once folded, it will lock into place, so you never have to worry about it collapsing when not in use. When unfolded and ready for riding, the maximum weight capacity doubles to 1000 lbs – which makes this perfect for larger riders who want an easy way to move around their homes or outdoors without hassle.

Because of its lightweight frame (which only weighs 90 pounds), maneuverability on any surface is simple too: thanks to its large wheels with puncture-proof rubber tread tires that offer excellent traction even over rough surfaces like gravel and grass. With all these great features, as well as excellent customer support and a three-year warranty, this might be the best bariatric scooter for seniors on the market!

The Breeze S-Series is an excellent choice if you’re looking for value. It comes with two rechargeable batteries (which are good for about 15 miles per charge), as well as an AC adapter so that it will work anywhere you need to take it – which makes this one versatile choice if your home or office has different power sources available!

  • AC adapter
  • Dual batteries (Good for 15 miles)
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • No cup holder
  • The seat is not adjustable (height)
Pioneer 10 Bariatric Scooter

This scooter is a great option for those with limited mobility. It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs which means that it can support most patients, but it also comes in at only 30 lbs! This makes the Pioneer not just easy to lift and transport around your home or office but perfect for traveling as well (it fits into all major airlines’ baggage compartments). The handlebars are adjustable up to 38 inches, so they are comfortable no matter how tall you are. There is an additional safety tether hookup point on this model if needed. There is even an adorable little basket beneath where you would put items while riding along – we love when companies think about these things! You get two eight-inch solid tires made from rubber that can’t go flat, and the scooter features a comfortable seat that can recline up to 20 degrees.

You can also say about this scooter that it is super easy to assemble and disassemble. It takes less than ten minutes from start to finish. It can be moved around without needing an extra person (the handlebars are foldable), or it has a very ergonomic design with sturdy materials that make this scooter durable for everyday use.

The battery on each unit lasts up to eight hours depending on how you adjust settings like speed and weight capacity, so you should never have trouble getting through your day if you plan accordingly! The Pioneer bariatric mobility scooters come in two colors – blue/grey or red/black – making them perfect gifts for anyone who loves something bright and bold.

  • The weight capacity is 350 lbs.
  • It can support most users, but it’s also 30 lbs, making it easier to lift and great for traveling.
  • The handlebars adjust up to 38 inches.
  • A safety tether hookup point is available if needed (great for those who like more security).
  • A cute little basket beneath the seat where you put items while riding along comes included! We love when companies think about these things.
  • This model does not come with cup holders or side trays that hold drinks/items in place.
Pioneer 9 Bariatric Scooter Review

The Pioneer makes a great choice for those who are in need of an accessible scooter. It is built on quality and has the greatest carrying capacity, with tons of space to carry your things with you wherever you go.

The seat is 16 inches wide with plenty of space for your legs at an 18-inch stretch and 21-inch width between arms, which are also equipped with armrests that adjust vertically as well as contour inwardly or outwardly (great if you’re a smaller person). With the bariatric models, they carry an even wider weight capacity than most. So this one can accommodate those up to 500 pounds in weight – making it great for larger riders who need transportability capabilities while still being able to handle their weight comfortably.

If you’re on the taller side, then there will be no issues here either since this scooter offers 36 inches in overall height; ample room means less risk of bumping your head on low doorways and more space to stretch out while scooting.

The Pioneer is equipped with a 24-volt, UL approved sealed lead acid battery system that will give you about eight hours of full charge use (which should equate to around 12 miles per single battery life) which can be upgraded if needed – keep in mind this model weighs close to 77 pounds so make sure it’s something you can handle moving back and forth yourself without risk of injury since batteries are not included for the liftgate service at the time of purchase. However, it does come standard with an easy access folding mechanism, which means minimal effort is required when trying to move or store it away between uses; all three wheels have been fitted with oversized, anti-tip wheels, which provides a smooth ride and easier control.

The Pioneer is made of heavy-duty steel construction to guarantee durability; it’s also been fitted with front swivel casters and rear ones that can be locked into a fixed position for stability, making this one great if you plan on using your scooter in rougher terrain like grass or gravel roads (make sure the surface isn’t wet before setting out).

  • Great for larger riders.
  • 24-volt, UL-approved sealed lead acid battery system, which can be upgraded if needed.
  • Easy access folding mechanism.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for durability and stability.
  • It cannot be easy to maneuver and turn at higher speeds.

Budget Bariatric Scooters

Drive Medical Spitfire Pro SE 4W Mobility

The Spitfire Pro SE is a great choice for those looking to spend under $1000 and still get top quality. It has tons of features, easy maneuverability, and it’s affordable.

This scooter offers high energy efficiency with its 24-volt sealed lead acid batteries that can power this model up to 12 miles per full charge – making sure you have plenty of range between charges no matter where you plan on taking your scooter (remember not to leave the charger plugged in when not using). The seat is 16 inches wide, which makes it comfortable for most riders, and has four adjustable height positions, so finding one at an ideal level will be simple without risk of or strain from trying out different heights. The seat is also easily removable, which makes it easy to clean and maintain between uses, especially if you need to deal with spills or accidents (which are bound to happen in the event of a fall). This model weighs close to 65 pounds, making it lightweight enough for most riders without risk of injury when transferring from chair to scooter. This one has been fitted with all-terrain rear wheels that can handle bumps well on rougher surfaces like grass and gravel roads.

  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Lightweight, so it’s easy to lift and transfer between chair and scooter if needed without risk of injury due to weight or strain.
  • Limited battery life
Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

The Scout Spitfire offers excellent value for those on a budget but still want all the best features without compromising quality or safety. It’s lightweight, has great maneuverability and range thanks to its 24-volt sealed lead acid batteries that can power up 12 miles per full charge – making sure you have plenty of distance between charges no matter where you plan on taking your scooter (remember not to leave the charger plugged in a while not using). The seat is 16 inches wide which makes it comfortable for most riders as well as being easily removable, so cleaning and maintaining should be simple, especially if there are spills or accidents involved since this model weighs close to 62 pounds making it one of the lighter options available under $1000; also, this one comes with a padded backrest for added comfort and support.

  • Affordable price point
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuverability and control
  • Limited battery life (12 miles per full charge)
Pride Go-Go Ultra X SC44X 4-Wheel Electric Travel Scooter for Adults

The Pride Go-Go Ultra X offers many great features for those who are looking to spend under $1000. It’s easy to maneuver, has good range thanks to its 24 volt sealed lead acid batteries that can power up 16 miles per full charge. It’s also super lightweight, coming in at just over 44 pounds making this one an excellent choice if you need something extremely portable but still want the benefits of having more than three wheels (which will make taking corners easier) as well as four-wheel anti-tip castors installed on both front and back, so no matter where your destination is or how rough the terrain might be – going off-road isn’t out of the question with this scooter. The seat is 18 inches wide which makes it comfortable for most riders as well with a height of 19.25 inches – this one also has adjustable armrests, multiple keyed alike keys, and both front and rear cargo storage bays (with lids) to help you carry whatever items might be needed on the go without having to worry about them getting lost or broken while in transit…

  • Lightweight but still sturdy, thanks to its four-wheel design.
  • Easy maneuverability due to three-point turning ability by back wheels that swivel 360 degrees, so taking corners will be easier than ever before at low speeds!
  • Off-road capable; great if there are bumpshills involved in the route taken to the destination.
  • Limited battery life (16 miles per full charge)

Folding bariatric scooters

Transformer Automatic Folding Travel Scooter

This scooter is one of the best folding bariatric scooters. It has a large seat with an extra big backrest and headrest for additional comfort and support. The handlebars are adjustable to accommodate all different heights. At the same time, the ultra-large footplates provide plenty of room for your feet, even if you have wide feet or bunions, as many people who need mobility aids do. This particular model also allows customization features such as speed control settings that will suit anyone’s needs whether they want to go fast or slow depending on their activity level at any given time. A convenient basket under the seat can be used both when the seat is folded up or down, allowing you to bring along everything that you need with you.

Some people prefer this scooter for bariatric mobility because of the weight limit. It can accommodate users weighing up to 500 pounds. It comes standard with a two-year warranty, which guarantees protection against defective parts such as broken wheels and other malfunctions in quality craft, so if something goes wrong during those two years, they will be able to resolve the issue immediately without any extra hassle on your end.

  • Large seat and footplates for comfort
  • Folds up easily
  • Large weight capacity
  • Two-year warranty
  • No suspension which can be uncomfortable on bumpy roads
Zip’r 3 Traveler 3-Wheel Long Range Portable Foldable Mobility Scooter

This model also has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and comes standard with an anti-tip caster wheel in the front, which is great for added safety. This scooter can go as fast as three miles per hour, and it’s equipped with LED headlights so that you won’t have to worry about being out when it’s dark outside. A large basket under the seat gives you plenty of room to bring along everything that you need while on your outing, making this one of the best bariatric mobility scooters for those who like going shopping or running errands at their local grocery store since they don’t want anyone having trouble reaching products way up high in a supermarket aisle.

You can also say that this scooter is one of the best folding bariatric scooters because it has a portable design that makes it easy to fold up and put into your car for travel. It also comes with an adjustable padded seat which you can move backward or forwards depending on what’s most comfortable for you while remaining stable enough so that you won’t feel like any bumps in the road would make this scooter tip over.

  • The large basket under the seat
  • Anti-tip caster wheel in front for safety
  • Speed control settings allow customization based on preference
  • Does not have a suspension system, so it may be uncomfortable if traveling over bumpy surfaces.
ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter by MovingLife

This scooter has speed control settings that allow you to choose your preferred maximum speed anywhere from one mile per hour up to five miles per hour. It is equipped with an adjustable padded seat that can be moved backward or forwards while remaining stable enough so as not to tip over, and it comes standard with LED headlights for safe nighttime travel when visibility may become difficult, as well as a large basket under the seat just in case you need extra storage space. The handlebars are ergonomically shaped, making them comfortable for everyone who uses this particular model of bariatric mobility scooters by MovingLife since they have been designed based on extensive research into what people want out of their portable mobility aids such as comfort and ease-of-use.

  • Speed control settings allow customization based on preference and a maximum speed of up to five miles per hour.
  • Comes with LED headlights for safe nighttime travel
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars are comfortable for all users.
  • The large basket under the seat, which is great for carrying around items when you go shopping or run errands at your local grocery store
  • No suspension system, so it may be uncomfortable if traveling over bumpy surfaces.
EV Rider Transport Foldable Mobility Scooter

This scooter has an adjustable padded seat and is made with a durable metal frame. It can go as fast as three miles per hour, making it ideal for short trips to the grocery store or other similar outings that won’t take more than just an hour or two in total. You will find this model of bariatric mobility scooters by MovingLife extremely easy to use since everything about it was designed with your comfort in mind. The bars are ergonomically shaped, so they’re comfortable even after using over extended periods without experiencing any discomfort at all. You’ll also appreciate how quickly this particular type of folding wheelchair folds up, making transport simple which means no matter where you want to travel, whether, within walking distance down the street from your home or across the country in an airplane, you’ll have no trouble getting this scooter to your destination without any problems.

  • The large basket under the seat is great for carrying around items.
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars are comfortable even after extended use.
  • Speeds up to three miles per hour, making short trips possible with little effort and ideal for outings that won’t take more than just an hour or two total times all together
  • Folds up quickly, allowing easy transport whether by car, plane, bus, train…etc.
  • No suspension system, so it may be uncomfortable if traveling over bumpy surfaces

How to choose a heavy-duty mobility scooter

When buying a heavy-duty mobility scooter, you should always remember that it has to be comfortable and convenient for the user. This means from our point of view. These are the key points that need to be taken into consideration:

A bariatric mobility scooter is not like other small types which can fit under your desk or inside cupboards when they’re folded up, so this needs to be kept in mind before purchasing one. If you intend to take it outside, its weight and size will also come into play because some may find it difficult to navigate such equipment around their homes due to a lack of space. However, if there’s enough room at home, those who have difficulty walking long distances would benefit greatly from using a bariatric mobility scooter, especially for outside use or in public places.

Bariatric Scooters are larger than standard types; they also tend to be heavier and wider, making them unsuitable for small spaces like apartments, etc.

  • The weight of a bariatric scooter is another important factor because it can make things difficult for people who aren’t as strong as others due to conditions such as arthritis, so you need to keep this in mind when buying one. However, the good news is that lightweight, heavy-duty models are available on the market these days. However, they still have all the same features, just lighter materials used instead of steel and aluminum, making them easy enough to lift into cars without needing help from someone else if required.
  • Width is also an important factor because if you have difficulty walking long distances and need your scooter for outdoor use, then it can get stuck in between bars and other obstacles on the way.
  • There are many more things to consider when buying a bariatric mobility scooter, but these three points should be enough to help you understand what makes up this type of equipment.

Characteristics of the best Bariatric Mobility Scooters:

  • Lightweight and easy to lift with one hand
  • Removable battery so you can use it as a portable device when needed outside the home.
  • The features mentioned above are not standard on all models of scooters. Still, some have these two characteristics in common, especially those designed for heavy-duty purposes like aiding obese individuals who need assistance while walking or standing for long periods.
  • Devices should be made out of strong materials such as aluminum because lighter ones will wear down quickly due to their weight, while heavier metals won’t break easily under pressure.
  • The best bariatric mobility scooters have a lot of weight carrying capacity as well.

There are many more features that these types of devices come with, but the ones listed above should be enough for you to get an idea about what makes them stand out from other models on the market.

All of these characteristics should be considered when buying the best bariatric mobility scooter because they may not seem important at first. Still, once you start using one to take on longer journeys, it becomes painfully obvious how much better quality equipment is compared to cheaper brands.

Tips for Using Bariatric Scooters

  • When using a bariatric mobility scooter, you’ll find that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Before taking your electric wheelchair out, make sure to check the weather forecast so you know what kind of conditions you may run into, which will determine if it’s safe to take this particular model of a medical scooter with adjustable seats outside

Make an effort to keep all cords clear from being caught in any moving parts like wheels or foot pedals since these are dangerous and cause damage over time. This is especially important for people who use their battery-operated wheelchairs by themselves without having someone else around them when traveling long distances or standing up straight because there is no one available to help situate any cords. Hence, they’re not a safety hazard.

  • Make sure to charge the batteries before using your electric wheelchair for an extended period of time because you mustn’t drain them completely and end up stuck in one place without having any way of getting home, so keeping your battery charged is crucial when using these types of medical scooters.


Does Medicare or Medicaid cover mobility scooters?

Yes, but it depends on your plan and if your doctor deems that a scooter is medically necessary for you to use.

The part of Medicare that covers this type of equipment is Durable Medical Equipment (DME), which includes home oxygen therapy supplies.

To qualify, in addition to having a valid prescription from your doctor, there has to be an official DME order form completed before the insurance company can approve any medical device. This could take anywhere between several days up to weeks depending on how long they’re backlogged with orders, so keep checking back until someone reviews and processes yours since being without one would mean not only spending out-of-pocket for something that was supposed to be covered under your medical insurance but also having to go without the equipment you require to function.

The other part of Medicare covers medically necessary home healthcare services, which include personal care and help with everyday activities like hygiene or meal preparation that those unable to live on their own may need assistance with.

For this type of service, your doctor will have to provide a statement that it’s needed otherwise, they’ll deny any claims submitted for not providing enough information about why someone needs such an accommodation, so make sure yours has all the details included before sending it off since there is no way around being thorough when submitting paperwork or else you won’t get reimbursed for anything at all.

Can I ride my scooter on the road?

The answer to this is yes, but only if you have a license plate for your electric scooter or power chair.

If can’t legally ride it on public streets because there are no laws in place that require them, then make sure to follow the rules of the road as they would if driving any other type of vehicles like bikes or cars, so not doing so could result in getting pulled over and ticketed.

Can I carry passengers on my mobility scooter??

Mobility scooters are designed for one rider only and can hold a maximum of 300- 500 pounds, so carrying passengers isn’t advised because it’s simply unsafe to attempt.


You’ve found the best Bariatric Mobility Scooters to help you get around, but do you know what they are? Please have a look at our answers to frequently asked questions about them and find out. We can also show you how to choose the right one for your needs. What other common concerns have people had when purchasing these products? Was their experience good or bad?