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Thank you for visiting HiLois™. We are currently accepting users into our Private Social Network to ensure you and your family will receive the ultimate experience. Our goal is to provide the simplest and most rewarding method of enabling family members to share their lives with those feeling distanced or disconnected.

What is HiLois?

HiLois is a private social network centered around a family member who may be feeling disconnected or distanced from the rest of the family. We call this person the VIP. Often times the VIP is uncomfortable with smart phones, tablets, and computers. They may have other challenges, as Lois does, making it difficult to use these types of devices.

The HiLois app, when loaded on to the VIP’s tablet and the family member’s smart phones, allows those in the family circle to instantly send messages and photos to the VIP. While there are many useful features present in the app, at the simplest level, the VIP needs to do nothing. A photo or message is sent to them, an alert notifies the VIP it is arriving, and then it appears. The photos and messages enter into a slide-like carrousel that can run continuously, in order for the VIP to constantly enjoy them. The more pictures and messages sent, the more the VIP has to enjoy.

While the VIP’s tablet’s screen is completely filled with the photo or message, the members in the family circle, who we call the “users,” will see a timeline of everything sent to the VIP. This is similar to the timelines of many digital social networks. Both the VIP and the users will see who sent the photo or message and when it was sent.



HiLois combines a digital photoframe app specifically for the iPad or Android tablet with a feature-rich mobile app for the iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet, resulting in a seamless social support network.


Mom’s tablet is the window to her family. Keep the tablet on a table, dresser, counter or mounted to the wall. The family sends pictures and messages from the smartphone as easily as sending a text message. It’s all automatic – mom can do a lot or nothing at all. The photos and messages are displayed right on the tablet. Pictures scroll like a digital photo frame, and messages appear in big, bold letters.

The Circle is a private social network. It includes everyone mom cares about, including friends, family, and anyone who wants to share their precious moments, such as a photo from the soccer game happening right now, or a simple message, "I love you, mom!”

The app can present a question (difficulty level remotely set) when a photo arrives. It does not matter if the answer is right or wrong, but it stimulates the VIP and makes them think. Categories such as arithmetic, geography, politics, cooking, movies, and more are found in the Brain Teaser Mode.

One User becomes the administrator and controls the photo delivery rate, time frames, Brain Teaser Mode levels/categories and more. Anyone in the Circle can remotely pause on a particular image so you can talk to the VIP about that specific photo or message. The VIP can interact with the app or do nothing and simply enjoy photos and messages from the family.

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